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INFOSYS Placement Papers


INFOSYS-Placement Paper- 18 March 2006-Jaipur
(Memory based)

There were a panel of two an Elder man and a women of 40.
1) they saw my project and started with it.

2) lots of questions on my project relating the project with other applications.

3) then i was to choose a topic from the list and asked to speak for One minute.the topic were

i) BPO ii) fossil fuel iii) TATA and ........

then they asked me about the team work in my project how i handled them what difference i had with my team mates.

5) about the leadership.

6) i was given a spring with a ring in it and was asked if it can be separated i had told no but they can be separated . ie as the ring was big in radius than that of spring , slowly get the spring into the center and remove it .

7) they asked what mistakes i had done in the last interview that i was not selected.

8) then a match stick problem was given with three squares in first row and two in the second i was asked to remove two sticks and replace them to make only four squares


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