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PTU Joint Campus Placement at Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology
Students Appeared: 2270
Cleared Written: 394
Selected: 250

4 Questions (2x3 marks, 1x8 marks and 1x4 marks) were repeated from last time... as I could recall them. 

Repeated were as follows:
1) A frog was at the bottom of a 30 ft well. It could climb 3 ft during the day and slipped 2 ft at night. How many days would it take to get out of the well? (Similar question has appeared with monkey climbing a tree)

Many guys wrote 28 days for it but I  think it should be 29 days coz it needs to cover >30ft to get outta well. Please consult among ur peers...

2) 4 children buy 20 sweets for 20 cents. Fudge costed 4 cents, 4 toffees came for a penny and x candies came for y cents (x and y were given, I dont rem them). How many candies, toffees and fudges they bought?

U gotta know the relation between a penny and a cent...

3) A shephard counted the number of sheeps and wrote them in coded form using ~!@. U can find this question in paper... I dont remember the numbers exactly... the first was 223 or 225, second was 72. The 4 corresponding symbols were ~!@, @~!, !@~ (see that cyclic order is preserved)

4) A painter painted 7 paintings: W, X, Y, Z, T, U and V

    a) When X is selected, T cannot be selected
    b) When T is selected, V must be selected
    c) when Y is selected, U must be selected

There were 4 objective questions based on these conditions...
    I. Possible combination of paintings
    II. A replacement that can be made in the group eg T replaces Y etc.
    III. If W replaces X, then what can be a possible combination of paintings
Don't remenber the 4th ques. Also the questions and conditions are not what exactly given in the paper, I've written it still so that the question is not new to u when u face it.

5) A couple had triplets - Annie, Fannie and Danny. One of them broke a drum with flour in it and there were foot-prints all around the kitchen-floor. The parents could not tell to whom those footprints belonged coz all of them wore same shoes. Then they asked their children who did it. Annie said "I didn't do it". Fannie said "Danny did it". Danny said "Fannie is lying". Only one of them spoke truth while the other 2 were lying. Whose the culprit?


6) An eight mark question with 4 people having jobs in a store and a few conditions were given. It was a time consuming one.
People were: Mr. Conroy, Miss Annie, Miss Eve, Mr. Davis and Mr. Adam
jobs: Floorwalker, manager, clerk, cashier and buyer

Conditions (all I could recall)

- buyer was bachelor
- manager and clerk were room-mates
- Davis will be the best man at manager and cashier's marriage
- Adam and Miss Eve had only business relation (names may not be right here)
- Mrs. Conroy was upset when her husband told her that his manager denied him a raise.

Who did what?

[I guess these were all the conditions mentioned there... dont worry if u cant solve it, just solve similar questions to get the approach]

7) There were less than 500 students in a school. one-third of the number of students in the school was a whole number and so were one-fourth , one-fifth and one-seventh of students in the school. Whats the total no of students in the school?

3x4x5x7 = 420

8) A questions involving some girls... sorry cant recall it.

9) 10) have to apologize again... cant recall anymore ques

Then there was English paper... 45 questions in 30 minutes. Its very easy. Reading comprehension was so simple that I could answer it without going thru it the second time. It also contained fill in the blanks, sentence correction, re-phrasing the sentences, telling which part of paragraph has errors, telling the meaning of some idioms, filling up the sentences with idioms etc. No need to prepare for it... but no need to take it lightly either. I completed it 5 minutes before the stipulated time.

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