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Inautics Placement Test Paper


Nautix C,C++ & Unix paper:
 C++ paper:
 1.cin is an
 2.i con't remember the ques but the ans is Virtual base class
 3.what is the use of scope resolution operator?
 4.advantage of inline function?
 5.copy constructor is
 ans:call by value.
 6.ques on vertual destructor?
 7.template one ques?
 8.one q' on container class?
 The order above may be different.there r totally 15 ques its very easy
 to ans'r.
 rest of the ques r as same as HCL cisco.u can do that.
 C paper:
 1.How will u terminate the statement?
 ans: ;
 2.select the wrong one
 int n,i=1;
 case 1:
 some stuff;
 case 2:
 some stuff;
 what will be value of i;
 ans:non of the above
 4.pick ut the wrong one
 #typedef some stuff
 5.one q's on do loop?
 6.pick the odd one
 7. char *ptr;
 How will u de allocate the memory?
 There r about 20 q's in this section rest i am un able to remember?
 UNIX paper:
 2.How will u do version maintaince?
 sccs(source code control system)
 3.awk $2
 4.a program in shell script?
 find the o/p.
 5.which signal u can't catch?
 6.core dump is due to ?
 ans:segmentation fault.
 7.echo "todays date is 'date'";
 o/p = ?
 8.process synchronisation is done by ?
 There r totally 15 in this section rest r easy to answer.



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