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Paper Type : Candidates Experiences
Test Date : 1 September 2005
Test Location : B.V.B.college , Hubli

Hi ,
I got thro' the campus interview of iGATE Global Solutions held at B.V.B.college ,Hubli(Karnataka). I am a 2006 batch B.E., E&E student.

Eligibility criteria for us:
60% aggregate in B.E.
All subjects to be cleared in 1st attempt.

There were 5 rounds.
1. Aptitude test-50Q in 30 min.
Questions r easy. We can easily answer 37-40 questions in 30min if u r fast enough. Remaining 10-12 questions, I could not read. I just marked them randomly after the question paper was taken back. Some questions were too easy, some were from R.S.Agarwal, and last 15Q were english comprehension questions which take a lot of time. Read them only if u have time atlast. Don't leave any question unmarked. No negative marking. The cut-off i think was 36-38 out of 50.

2. Technical written test-20 Q in 12 min.
12 minutes r more than enough. Questions were on Operating systems, Unix, Electronics(Abbreviations of TTL,CMOS,etc.,). 70% of the questions were repeated from the old campus papers. Go thro' the previous papers of iGATE. I think the cut-off was 15 or 16 out of 20.

3. Group discussion.
There were groups of 9 students each. We were given the option 2 select the topic by ourselves. It was cool. Don't talk too much or too little. Enter into the discussion atleast 4-5 times. Don't do personal attacks. Don't get aggressive, Don't shout. Be a good listener also and let others talk. My topic was-"Who r more happier? We or our ancestors"
4-5 were selected from each group.

4.Technical & HR interview.
Tecnical for me as I am an E&E student, was fully C,C++ and microprocessors. The interviewers were cool.
For CS students, they asked about OS,VHDL, C,C++,etc., Be perfect in whatever subject u r given to choose.

HR int fully on whatever u have written in ur resume & the company form provided 2 u. More importance on ur projects & paper presentations if any. Be perfect

All d best Vishal.


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