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Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 25 June 2007
Test Location : Amrita University


Hi friends,
dis is Girish belonging 2 IT finished my third year. The IBS software visited at 25th june,the eligibility is 65% consistent. The recruitment pattern :
i will just give u some tips on how 2 get thru the ibs the test is basically divided into 3rounds namely:-

1) Aptitude test
2) Technical round
3) HR round

The apti was easy.The total marks for apti is 100.Around 60 questions were asked.Each question contains different marks(1,2,3,4,5).but the cutoff will be low.
For section 1:-first 10questions (1 marks each):- numerical apti
next 10questions(2 marks each):-numerical apti
next 5questions(3 marks each):-numerical apti

For section 2:-first 10questions (1 marks each):-logical reasoning
next 10questions(2 marks each)logical reasoning
next 5questions(5 marks each)logical reasoning
note:-pls check the marksdistribution.

Mainly the numerical apti consists of above different parts:-

coding-decoding,cube based problems(easy only),percentage problems,simple interest etc,alligation of mixtures.

for eg in numerical apti,

when 2^50000 is divided by 7 what is the remainder?

sorry ididn't remember the answer...(but too tough,but can be solved by knowing the basics).

for eg in logical reasoning,

cube based problems.ie,when a cube is painted in edges,sides,corners etc and cut into different pieces and how many will be in orange,black,red etc...(not sure)

5 questions(3 marks each)
seating arrangement..,given the height relationship and find who is tall?(in our apti ans:suresh)..,calendar(easy)

logical deductions(some what easy).(5 marks each)..

Result is called out very soon...60 students were attended .34 students were shortlisted for technical interview. After 20min the tech interview started.i was the first to attend.

Next is the Tech Interview:-

First question is to tell abt urself…next to tell me abt ur projects.

Then most of the questions were based on the project.next to describe the different levels of OS,can a c++ prgm can be written without main function.

What is sorting?Diff. types of sorting?

Write the algorithm for Quick sort?

Will the algoritm change with change in the source code(java,c++,c,.net etc)?

Diff. models?explain waterfall model and spiral model?which one is better?

Explain primary key and unique key?In which one a null value can be declared?

Result is called out ........ From 34 students 30 were shortlisted for HR interview. After 10min the HR interview started.

Next is the HR Interview:-
one important thing is some tech questions were also asked for this also some of them were tough. (some puzzles also but easy)

First is to tell abt urself?

Next is to tell abt ur projects? ans:when abt to tell one among two told me that "i know that u have told it in the tech section also,but just tell once more".i told it.

the important thing is be confident in telling the answers and our expressions had to be more good and fair.

Next question is that if u get in another and if they give u the same salary and same post will u change this comapany?

Next is "where will u be after 5yrs?"

All questions are easy,but the only thing is be confident...,don't be tensed...

Final Result is called out ........ From 30 students 13 were selected.By god's grace i am one of them.

i was too happy and i am very much thankful to all our CCR faculties for the sincere work and for giving good sort of help.

i had gone thru 5 companies namely tcs,cts,infy,wipro and i was mostly worried and tensed but the ccr faculties helped me to increase my confidence level and told that"something is waiting for u,just try ur level best.u will get it"

ok guys my only words " just try........

Waiting for the IBS guys........................


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