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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 13 December 2007
Test Location : IIT Kharagpur
Posted By : Neelesh Bhattacharya


Hi friendzzz,

Hope you all are busy wid the ongoing placements. To start with, let me introduce myself . I am Neelesh Bhattacharya, an M.S student from IIT Kharagpur. IBM visited our campus on 13th Dec and we were all quite nervous, as usual.

To begin, they announced that the selection procedure will consist of three rounds, namely, written, GD and interview. Then the story began.

The Written Test comprised of FOUR sections :

(a) Data Matrix : Series of questions were based on a single data matrix. The elements of the matrix were symbols like *, @, ? and also numbers like 1, 6, 7...The questions were like "If all ? are changed into 1, which row summation has the highest value". They will just test your swiftness and response to the querry.

(b) Find the missing number : All u have 2 do is 2 fing out the pattern in the given sequence and find out the missing number, quite easy but u should b fast coz 18 or 19 ques were 2 b solved in 4 min.

(c) Aptitude : General Aptitude...Problems on trains, age, percentage...etc...The R.S Aggarwal book should be enough 4 this part.

(d) Essay Writing : You have 2 write some 100 words on the given topic...Our topic was "Cricket is overshadowing other games in India". Try to be as pin-pointed as possible.

123 were short-listed for the GD round and the students were divided in groups of 8-10 each.

It was a very very nervy situation as two of the IBM people entered the room 2 start the proceedings. We were made 2 sit in a round table manner. They announced that the for the 1st part of it, everyone will speak about the topic 4 a min (sequentially) and in the next part there will be an open forum for 4 mins and finally 1 min for anybody or everybody to conclude.The topic given was "Should India sign the Nuclear Treaty"...In the open forum section, try 2 take the initiative before anybody does it, this shows the leadership quality in you. But avoid making a Fish-Market situation. Same is the case for the concluding section.

63 were short-listed from here and again I was one of the lucky ones.

Fasten you seatbelts now, as we have come to the Interview Round.

I was interviewed by two persons, both young and quite friendly. "Introduce yourself", "Why IBM".. were some of the common questions. Coming to the Technical part, I was asked to describe the area of my Research in details and also it's application in a practical scenario. It was followed by series of questions on Software Engineering, like SW life cycle phases, testing methods, ISO/SI CMM...etc. Finally a few puzzles on probability and general intelligence.It was quite okay and I was confident abt the selection.

At 12 in the night the results came out & 32 were selected & I was one of them. Hopefully this info will help u in ur placements.

All the Best.


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