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Paper Type : General - other
Test Date : 3 August 2007
Test Location : Pune


Hello friends...
I m goin to share my experience with u that i had during the selection procedure of IBM. They came for d placement on 3rd august and started their pre-placement talk at 9:00.After which we had our aptitude test.It had 3 sections

A.Matrix questions
B.Number series
C.Mathematical Section

Key to crack the apti is believe in the almighty plus Time management!!!

Leave the questions that r hard to solve...solve other questions and if time allows,then go for them.Number series was really easy...just be quick wen u solve them...leave the ones that r not comin.In mathematics there were 12 questions to be solved in very less time.here again u ve to manage time..out of 12 i could solve around 6-7...but remember not to mark d questions which u r not able to solve.there was negative marking

then after the aptitute test we were given 10 minutes to write an essay...The topic was "INDIA's FIRST WOMEN PRESIDENT"....U shold write good points in tat....They generally read that wen they call u for an interview...I was not been asked bout the essay,i think they liked it..But many of my friends were being asked from their essay's. The aptitude test finished at 12 n the results were out by 12:30..They were really quick...There were around 51 for the apti n wen the results were out my name was there among the 41 students...Imediately it was followed by GD in groups of 10.

Let me tell u that U ve to speak something in GD no matter what ;)...Always remember they r there to select you n not reject u....This not a GD for elimination..they just want you to speak somethin...

In my case the topic of discussion was "CRIMINALS IN THE EYES OF LAW"
It will be good if u start with the discussion but if not then also no problems...listen to all n then analyse n speak...the pannel was very supporting as they were giving chance to everyone in the group.The topics r very general from daily news so make sure to read the current news...Others were given the topic "Money makes u reckless"

after Gd was over ,they announced the results n we all were in...infact all people were in..no 1 was rejected...so u ve to speak n with confidence....

Then we were called for the personel interview....
they saw my resume..did not ask nethin bout it ..They asked me my favorite subject...N asked questions based on that...friends remember to prepare atleast 1 subject before u go for such interviews....U should brush up ur knowledge...I said OS..they asked me questions related to it....I was not able to answr them properly as i didi not revise d syllabus...But their were few questions that i answered well...u should relate ur answers with examples...They asked me if i know bout pointers n told me to write a simple swapping function...
Also some questions based on UmL diagrams just becoz i had it in course...So just remember to revise 1 subject...Then hey asked me if i ve any ques for them...
I initially said no sir...but they thought i was interested so they asked me to tell without hesitation...i asked them bout the work i would be doin in the company n regardin postings....

If u r already placed then they moght ask u d company n why u want to join IBM???
have a good n non-superficial answer....

okay then after waiting for bout 1 hour...they finally came in for declarin the results....
they said they will take only 15....That minute i totally lost hope...They were announcing d names one by one...n then they said Ela Vohra...n i was so thankful to God...it felt really gt to ve been selected for IBM....



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