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IBM Paper

Two Sections

1. Aptitude
2. Technical


1. like 3 consecutive prime adds to some no what is 
ans: both 49 and 59. 

2. one persont travlled 4 laps with the speed of 
10,20,40 ( or 30) and 60 kmph 
and what is the average speed. 
ans: 20 (sure) 
3.like one student takes 20 mins if he go with speed 
15kmph and at what speed he 
should go to reach in 15 mins ( nos are not same) 
ans: 16kmph( but not sure) 
4. there are 2 type of people group 'yes' who always 
says yes ( they never say 'no') if they are not 
sure about they will remain sailent. and other grou 
name 'no' where the group of people always say 'no' 
if they are not sure they 
will remain silent. 
thats it 
now quetions are 
1) what will be the answer if i ask are u belong to 
group 'yes' 
options are: they remain silent ,say yes, say no, 
either yes or no, can't 
be determined 
2) same quetion but if i ask are u belong to group 

answers for both above quetions are not ( not 
3) what will the other person say if ask are u 
belong to grou 'yes' 
and etc 
there were 5 quetions first 4 u can do it last one 
little bit tough. 
spend some time on this u can do it. 

9.like from height of 8 mts on ball fell down and each 
time it bounces half the 
distnace back. so what will be the distance 
ans: 24 (sure) like 8+4+4+2+2+1+1+0.5+0.5+ and etc 
answer is not 20 
10.like 6 cubes are arranged adjacentlay and given 
the perimeter and aksed to 
find the perimeter of one cube. 
ans: if x is the total perimeter then (x/14)*4 leads 
to the answer. 
but check it once u will be having plenty of time. 
answer is 52 (13*4) 

11. some data is given like this 10kmph in still water 
ship took some x mins and downstream 
some y mins in same time 
what is the stream value .... (q is not exat) 
ans: 3 (not sure) 

12.some average problem like 16 students average 
weight and teacher joins them .... 
ans: 23 (sure) do this (16x+40)/(x+1) will give 
the value. 

13. some probelm on square like to increase area by 
69% by what percent side should be 
ans: square root of 169 i.e 13 ( not sure) 

14. no of rational nos b/w 0 and 5 
ans: infinite 
15. First day of 1999 is sunday what day is the last 
ans: monday 

16.bullets probel some x no of bullets are shared by 3 
people equally . and each fired 
4 bullets then the sum of remaining bullets is 
equal to intially divsion value 
ans: 18 (sure) 

17. bread problem, one come and eat half no of breads 
and somthing... 
ans: 63( check it) 

18. like A can do in 6 day and B can do in 8 and C can 
do in 12 days but b left after working for 6 days for 
how many no of day A and C shluld work 
ans: 11( i dont think so this is correct) 


1. what is vector processing 
ans: i dont no 

2. what is data integrity 
ans: option a ( like the range of values is defined 
by data integrity) 

3.which topology takes minimum wiring 
options: star,bus,ring and complete etc 
ans: find it from network text book ( may be bus or 

4.best sorting if elements are already sorted 
ans: insertion sort(sure) 

5.software configuration management ----- 
ans: option a ( but check it from SE text book there 
are only 2 confusing answers) 

6.In network the packers are flowing unnecessarly what 
is the way to control 
it and .... 
options: SNMP, and some i dont remember. 

7.some octal no to decimal conversion 
for given octal no the last digit was 7 
ans: the option a ( the decimal last digit was 1) 

8.x-=y+1 is equivalant to 
ans: x=x-y-1 (sure) because it is interpreted as 
9. in a student form what is the relationship b/w 
student and course 
ans: actually it is many to one but they specified 
in a student form 
so think and write. 

10.which is correct to append the ouput of ls and who 
to some file x. 
ans:(who;ls)>>x (check it) 

11.what is trigger in DBMS (know what it will do) 

12.what happens when we open a file in r+ mode 
like whether file will be created if it s not there 
can we write to file ... 
13. what is ROM 
ans: it contains boot up program and it is not 
that was one answer and anothe option was 
it is non volatile ( choose one among these 2) 
14. what is int (*a)[4] 
ans: pointer to an array of 4 integer (check it) 

15. primary key of anothe table is present and so 
ans: foreign key 

16. what is the diffirenece b/w 0123 and 123 in c? 

17. which among the devices is spooled device 
ans: printer(correct) 

18. if u get error in adapter which device will u use? 
ans: contact electronics student. 
one of the option was voltometer. 

19. which is the real time application 
ans: robotics 


it depends upon the Panel 
be perfect with u'r mini project. 

HR quetions

1. why 2+2 is 4 why not 5. 

ans: assume u took 2 apples from A and 2 more 
apples from B and assume u are having 5 
and give 2 to X and give 2 more to Y then 
nothing will be with u i.e u lossed. 
(give some answers but dont say that it is 
like that only ) 

2.how may stones did hanuman thowned on lanka? ( 
diffirent but of same type) 
and one more how many trees are there in u'r campus 
dont say i dont no 
say some no for ex 1000 and say i.e correct . they 
wont say any thing for that 
because it is not possible to disprove that . 

3. why IBM 

1. what does vector processing do?

2. What is the use of software configuration management?

3. what command is used to append two files using who that is listed by ls;

4. if there is a problem in a network during transmission which is used to detect that?
a.protocol anaylzer, b. SNMP....

5. In C, x-=y+1 how will u represent it..

6. What does Trigger do?
3rd option

7. In which topology we use less amount of cables.
ring, bus, star,mesh.....

8. Which sorting techniques is best for already sorted array...?.
ans: bubble sort

9. Which is said to be a realtime system.?
1. credit card systen
2 online flight reservation system
3 bridge control systen...not sure

10. decimal to octal conversion problem?ans A

11. A person having a/c number, a/c name,bank name, a/c type.. which is the primary among the above?

12. why data integrity is used?

13. if a primary key is an attribute of another one table means........
1 candidate key
2 foreign kryey
3 seconda

14. int (*a)[4]. Explain this expression

15. Difference between 0123 and 123 in c
ans : 40

16, in c r+ is used for 
1 read only
2 writing only
3 both 1 and 2


1. which 3 consequtive prime numbers gives the total
ans: 49 (13,17,19)

2. Rational numbers between 1 and 5
1. 3
2. 2
3. 0
4.infinite (ans)

3.If boat travels in 10km/hr in still water. it travels 14kmhr in upstream and 26km/hr downstream what is speed of stream?

4. .A cube of 3 unit has 6 surface is painted.If u cut the cube of 1 unit each how many cubes remain unpainted on all sides.

5 one questions in profit and loss
a person sold an article at Rs.141 at 6% loss,to gain a profit of 10% at what price the article should be sold.

6. If person 20 min at 12 kmph. then how many Kmph in 15 minutes

7. Three person shared bullets equally. 4 were shot total no of bullets remainin is equal to the no of bullets initially divided
ans : 18

8.1st day of the year 1999 is sunday and what will be last day of the same year
ans sunday

9. 4 thieves entere a bakery and stoled bread one after the other.Each one took half of the total number of breads+half a loaf.If 3 breads were remaining what is the total number of breads.

10. If a ball is dropped from 8ft and it bounces half the height each time. Then the total distance travelled

11. 6 squares of equal size are placed side by side to form a rectangle whose perimeter is 182. find the perimeter of the single square.
ans 52

12.the average age of students in a class is 16.when a teacher of age 40 is added , the average becoems 17. what is the total number of students

IBM Latest paper
There are 2 sections Aptitude and Technical .

Each Comprises of 20 qs
1)two clocks meet at 12.Next time they meet again
Ans 65.45
2)Soldiers form a square .Initially 32 soldiers
left.Then 8 .After they could not form a square.Total
at the beginning
options 100,81,49,67
3)Age of Grandfather is the ages of 4 grandchildren
where their ages are in consective.Find the age of GF
I think 72 
4)3 person waiting for the train Some conditions
given.Finally they ask the time.Ans is 4.37
5)Some Squirrel qs where it covers 1/4 th distance
then 1/2 i couldnt remember
6)if mpown=121.Then m-1pown+1 is 1000
7)if speed in the ratio 5:4:3 then the time taken to
cover the same distance is
8)20men construct a wall 56m in some days similar one
ans 49 (check aggarwal)


char *p=(char *)10
Running time of 8T(n/2)+q is ncube
Scope of static and automatic var 2qs
nodes in binary tree of length 4 is 15(2pown -1)
how to convert 2d array to single dimension 
options are 
1.convering a row 2 colunm 3 or both in to o's
comments-for documentaion or it increases file size
like that.u have toi choose the correct one
Technical qs are bit tricky..


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