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Huawai Placement Paper


Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 12 August 2007
Test Location : Banglore


hi guysi
attended huawei test on 12th august
test has 2 partsaptitude(20 qustions)
c(20 questions)
each has the cut off of 10
test was easy just go through c skills is enough.. and aptitide was prety easy
on that eveeng result published..
in total 23 got selected for interview..
interview was on huawei office it self..
13th august
my interview schedule was on 11 but i reaced there on 9 30..
on 11 30 intrvew start..
2 guys take the interview.
they ask me about
c compilation steps( u must be very clear on that)
stack queue(u must know implementation)
linked list..
some tricky c puzzles(test ur c skill is enough)
about my project........
most important is that they will give enough time to answer so think before u answer
interview will take more than 1 hour..
after the interview they told me to wait out side..
the hr came and said i have one more interview at 3.3 0
interview was taken by a lady
it was a cool interviewshe ask
some puzzles
but she asked more details about project..
then some common hr questions
interview was take nearly 45 minutes..
after that hr again told me there is one more round..
this was for namesake only...
it takes only 15 minutes..
an hr told me result will be published tomorow
0n 14th august
they published the list in total thaey selected 6 fortunately am one of them..
you know rest 5 guys all have 2 other offer
but for me it was one and only offer...
so getting in to huawei is very much easy all u have to do is..
1, sharp ur c knowledge(pointers structures , data structures)
2. be confident on answering..
alll the best guys......

by Deepak


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