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Huawai Placement Paper


Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 2 April 2008
Test Location : VIT,,Vellore.

Hi frindzz, i m sathiyaseelan from TPGIT(Thanthai periyar govt. inst. of tech.) vellore. we have off campus on 3rd at VIT, vellore for Huawei one of the giants in telecomm industry. i would lik to share my experienc which ll help u to get throug huawei. its my 15 th interview. 700 students have attended written test then 79 has cleared it and 30 have cleared technical n finaly 18 have got placement. i m happy tat i m also one among them.its extremely happy to work in a core company lik huawei.

3 rounds namely
1.written ,
3. HR.
its of 3 sections namely
1.aptitude(10 ques)
2.technical(15 ques)
3.english(5 ques)

its difficult than other 2 sections. ther r no objective type Q's. v sholud calculate n writ answers.
!. some consecutive pages r missed in a book whose sum is 9808. find those pages.
2. water melon of 200 kg is kept for selling by a merchand. at morning he find tat 99% of that friuts has water and he found due to hot summer only 98% of water is present in evening.find weight of water melon. ans 198.
3.if the order of vowels r arrangd in reverse order wat ll b in middle. ans.i
4.there are two dads named jhon, vikram. ther r two sons micky, vicky. 4 went to shop and spent some amount. find who is father of vicky.(sorry i dont no it fully)
5.one esculater related problem.
6.123456789=100. using +,-,* signs in between the digits how many no. of ways its possible if in its same order.

sorry i cant remember others.

it has 15 questions. Q's related to signals&systems, fourier transform, networks, basic comm, mobile comm, wireless comm. optical ll b asked. its ec if ur basics r good.
it has 5 q's. tis s easiest section for u if u ve basic grammer skills.

after clearing written i enterd into tech hr room with a smile.he asked me to sit n i thanked him. he asked my resume n then askd Q's based my resume.
imt: introduce urself.
me: answerd wit my achivements, xtra curricular activities etc. say u ll b proud of ur parents. he impressed.
int:wat is modulation? types of modulkation?.
me: process of changin t charecteristics of carrier wave according to(frequency, amplitude of) messag signal. so type AM,FM xplaind wit diagrams.
int: wats PCM?
me:pulse code modulation is one of digital modtion schemes.
int: how many pins in 8085 mp?
me: 40 pins
int:describe gsm, cdma with one of advantage?
me: gsm has less coverag area, addition of new users (ie t capacity of channel cant b increased). in cdma addition of new users possibly can have comm. link. its coverag earea is high. n explained more.
int: about ur project? software ued for project.
me: xplaind well.
int: r u mobile? ll home sick, food affect u?
me: s sir. sinc i m a global profeesional, i can go anywere if it gives opportunities for growth, learning
int: mmm. xcellent. than k u. do u ve any Q's
me: s sir. wat kind of trainin & learnin i can expect in tis company?
int: ll tell u after givin job offer.
i thougt tat i ll cler tech. be confident n answer boldly wit face to face. they ll check ur tech skills in optical comm, networks,mobil&wireless comm, basics of comm. u can clera it very easily.

every hr panel has 1 chinese hr& 1 indian hr. for most of my frinds chinese hr askd lot of Q's. v cant listen wat he tel even 2 times.so i get bit nervous.but thank god chines hr didnt ask even my name n only indian hr askd only few Q's
int: tell me bout urself.
me:told again n impressd.
int: u may work in at 10 pm or at nigh, R u ready
me: with a smile. sir , i ll suerl go for work if u wake up me even at midnight, as im a fresher i would lik to get a solid expereinc independent of time.
int; he laguedn really impressed n said very good. prononc ur name?
int:r u mobile? again i answred n impressd hr. i was askedfor only 5 minutes. thank u n wish u all to get throu huawei.


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