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HSBC Placement Papers

Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 26 October 2007
Test Location : Thakur College Kandivali,Mumbai


Hi friends, I m Shashikant Patil attending HSBC GLTi (Hong Kong & shanghai Banking Corporation Global technology )campus placement drive Which is held at Thakur college Kandivali,Mumbai on 26th oct 2007.

The criteria is SSC 60%,HSC 60%, graduation 60%, PG aggregate 60%(strictly)
The selection procedure is as below

Aptitude Test
Technical Interview
HR Interview

Aptitude Test : - This consist of 4 sections .
English :dammed easy section , based on 10th std grammar like fill in the blanks, prepositions, find similar words etc.. 2 passages r given , very very easy (dont neglect it)
Analytical reasoning : This is also very easy part.
It consist of most of the questions on binary to decimal conversion
If u know this u easily solve this.
Verbal reasoning : most easy part. Dont use u r mind. Only concentrate carefully on the question & u get the correct answer.
Conditions were given like
Mark 1 if 1st and 2nd is the same
Mark 2 if 1st and 3rd is the same
Mark 3 if 2nd and 3rd is same
Mark 4 if none of these

Sample question
1111.234 1111.237 1111.234
Answer :- 2

Technical (based on c and ds) I suggest u guys that plz go throw the c,c++,& the most imp Data structure. They ask que. On sorting , linklist,quee,stack etc.so friends the time for written exam is 1hr 40 min which is hell lot of time. I cleared the appiti & wait for tech intrv.

Tech interview
They ask me
Person : tell me abt urself.
Me: bla bla
Person : which is ure fav. Sub.
Me : c,c++,dbms
Person : tell me abt RDBMS.
Me : told
Person : wht is ASP & its use.
Me : told
Person : current project
Me : explained
Person : hobbies
Me: told

Then my intrv. is over . it takes up to 15 min They mostly looking for knowledge of java ,dbms, c, c++, ds then after i was told to leave.......AND FRIENDS I WAS NOT SELECTED.....

then it's the hr round:- same boring hr questions but do prepare well.....and be fluent in ur comm skill AND B CONFIDENT WITH UR ANSWERS.
Some question r
<!--[if !supportLists]-->1. <!--[endif]-->void pointers r
a .
c. generic (ans)
d .

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2. <!--[endif]-->do the insertion sort on 354765 (dont remember opt)
same asked for bubble sort
3. some link list prog r given & find the out put.(sorry dont remember)
4 . some I remember is
If % is use as -, * is used as +, - is used as % then
6*5%-2 = blab la

Four ques on this type
5. convert 1100100 to base 10 (decimal)
4 to 5 ques on this type.

So b prepped for appti & PI and wish for me that i also get placed some where.... Rock the world Guys Hope this information will b usefull to All u Guys cause HSBC is recruting in gr8 numbers..

All The Best...



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