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HSBC Placement Papers

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 5 April 2007
Test Location : Bhilai Institute of Technology, Durg


hello friends....
as not many papers of hsbc glti is there on dis site.....so may be my experience can be a gud help for u guys...

the recruitment happened in our clg campus on 5th april 2007....more n 200 students of two clg appeared....
criteria is the same as other companies 60+ % in both 10th 12th and eng(strictly)...

written xam of hsbc is probably the easiest in comparison of other firms.....
the test consists 4 sections:-
1.English-xtremely easy for jst an ang student
a) prepositions-
b) fill in the blanks with similar meaning-
c) fill in the blank using article
d) two RC passages-friends u wont get such an easy passage in any other exam.so dont neglect it u can solve it easily(believe me)

2 Analytical reasoning: is i will say was a mixed bag for me,but u can easily solve reqired no. of questions
a) a pussle with 5 related questions....
b) other puzzle which was a bit confusin(so i was in real difficulty solvin both puzzles)
c) data sufficiency(easy as usual)
d) a decimal to binary conversion,u shud be aquainted with this type of question(asked in many other companies paper)

3) Verbal reasoning:-
a)conditions were given like
mark 1 if 1st and 2nd is the same
mark 2 if 1st and 3rd is the same
mark 3 if 2nd and 3rd is same
mark 4 if none of these

sample question
1234 1237 1234
answer:- 2
b) sorry boss cant remember but was the easiest section

4) Techinical based on c and ds
dis is a bit tough for non-it guys bt even for it/cs the code snippets r real mind teaser.bt do c all sorting methods in ds
they ask questions from sorting......so u can easily do it and i guess 50% is the cutoff as i solved 12 outof 20 and was sure only in 10q.

so friends the time for written exam is 1hr 40 min which is hell lot of time.
out of 230 120 students cleared written den comes technical round as they say but they can also ask u complete hr questions:-

my interview:-
hr-tell abt urself?
me:-told blah blah,den i said i m man with values(was interrupted)
hr- he asked me wat do i mean by values?
me-told(hr seemed impressed........)
hr-tell me a situation when u found urself in trouble and how u came out of it?
me:-told with some real life example....(hr said gooooooood)
hr-do u feel u need to improve urself?
me-told yes and justified.
hr-okay tell me about ur hobbies??????
hr-okay wat r ur favourite subjects?
hr-tell me about foreign key and primary key?
hr-gave me two table to find out primary and foreign key?
me-solved(again he told good)
hr-tell me about normalization?
hr-can we say a table in 3nf is completely normalized?
me-told no,as bcnf came into existence after 3nf just to remove trivial fd in a table already in 3nf.....
hr-can a primary key has duplicate values?
me-told no(distinct constraint)
hr-wat abt foreign key???????
me-dis was the first answer which i told wrong(do concentrate on these small things)
hr-okay pranay do u have any questions?
me-i asked three questions?
he-u can wait outside?
me-handshaked and told it was nice talking to him....

then after five minutes i was told to leave.......AND FRIENDS I WAS NOT SELECTED.....
i was never nervous in entire interview and told all answers confidently even he complimented abt my tech knowledge
apart from last q where i fumbled(as dat question was asked later).....bt i did a blunder as i told wrong name of the bank
(told hdbc instead of hsbc and when he told me i again told it as hdfc) the first time it was slip of tongue but once the tension build up i lost my mind(hehe..it first ever interview i faced)...bt dear friend ur one wrong answer can change ur whole impression so don do dis stupidity............

then it's the hr round:-
same boring hr questions but do prepare well.....and be fluent in ur comm skill

one thing is that it's 99% luck to get a job......if once day is urs u can make it without knowing anything.....(hehe don rely on dis completely)
finaly 29 was selected from my clg and 9 from the odr one.....

so do prepare well and wish for me dat i also get placed some where....




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