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HP PLACEMENT  Placement Papers


HP Placement Paper
 The test had 4 sections, namely.........
 General section 
 Computer science general
 c/c++ section
 Java section
 The question paper had 48 questions to be answered in 1hr. Time will be quite sufficient. They have different sets of question papers. I had got the paper with serial number ending with ***- 02-2003. 
 I would like to request everyone who have attended the HP test to contribute the questions that they remember. 
 Some questions that i remember are...................
 1>General section : computer science general knowledge
 2> Computer science general: simple questions
 1) HP acquired this company in 2002. Which is the company
 a)Compaq b)Dell c)option 3 d) Option4
 Ans: a
 2) what does 3G denote 
 a) 3rd generation mobile communication b) 3rd generation computer languages c) option 3 d) option4
 Ans: a
 3)an application program that is used by the users to get the inofrmation from the backend of some application like databases:
 a) application server b)proxy server c)database server d)option 4
 Ans: database server 
 4) which of the following is not true about the e-mail
 a) it can be accessed by a client program using POP 
 b) it can be accessed by a client program using imap protocol
 c) option 3 
 d) option 4
 Ans: I don't remember the answer but first 2 are true.
 5) Some quesion regarding the company and who developed it ( the thing to remember is that Apple produce Macintosh computers).
 5) What is X.25?
 a)option 1 b)option 2 c)option 3 d)option 4
 Ans: find out??:-)
 3> c/c++ section: questions on c/c++, programs o/p etc.
 1) main( )
 unsigned int i=3;
 while( i >=0)
 printf( "%d", i--);
 how many times will the printf stmt be executed?
 a)0 b)3 c)4 d)infinite
 Ans: I think the answer is infinite, b'cos 'i' is an unsigned integer and it will not decrement below '0' and hence end up in an infinite loop.(yes, i checked and it is getting stuck in an infinite loop)
 2) main( )
 int x,y, z;
 z= x+++y;
 printf("%d %d %d", x, y z);
 a)3 5 7 b)option 2 c)option 3 d)option 4
 Ans: a
 3) # define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp;
 main( )
 int i, j, temp;
 if( i > j)
 swap( i, j );
 printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);
 Ans: On compiling i got ans 10, 0, 0. I did not understand the concept. Please expalin this to me.
 4>Java section: questions on java related stuff.
 1) Java was initially code named as:
 a)Oak b)green c)miller d)option4
 Ans: Oak
 2) what is not true about the following statements about java.
 a) it is compiled using javac compiler
 b) the compiled files have .class extension.
 c) such files cannot be transfered from one comp to another.
 d) they use the java interpreter
 Ans: c
 3) Why is the synchronize used?
 a) to initialize multiple objects b)to lock an object c)option3 d)option 4
 Ans: b (probably)
 HP paper 21 Oct 2003
 there were 3 sections
 PART- 1 --> 40 q's (Fundamental computer Concepts, includes OS,N/w , protocols) 
 PART-2 --> 20 q's (Purely C ) -- bit tricky (involves ADA concepts)
 PART-3 --> 20 q's (Analytical) --- very easy
 I don't remeber all the q's.however some of them which i do have been written below.
 They r not in order or part of .
 Q : What is not a part of OS ?
 O : swapper,compiler,device driver,file system.
 A : compiler.
 Q : what is the condition called when the CPU is busy swapping in and out pages of 
 memory without doing any useful work ?
 O : Dining philosopher's problem,thrashing,racearound,option d
 A: thrashing.
 Q : How are the pages got into main memory from secondary memory?
 DMA, Interrupts,option3, option 4
 A : as far as i know its Interrupts --by raising a page fault exception. 
 Q : What is the use of Indexing ?
 O : fast linear access, fast random access, sorting of records , option 4
 A : find out....
 Q : in terms of both space and time which sorting is effecient.(The question is 
 rephrased .)
 O : merge sort, bubble sort, quick sort, option 4
 A : find out
 which case statement will be executed in the following code ?
 int i =1;
 case 1 : printf ("");
 case 2 : printf("");
 default : printf("");
 Answer : Case1 will only be executed.
 Q : In the given structure how do you initialize the day feild?
 struct time {
 char * day ;
 int * mon ;
 int * year ;
 } * times;
 Options : *(times).day, *(times->day), *times->*day.
 Answer : *(times->day) -- after the execution of this statement compiler generates 
 error.i didn't understand why.can anybody explain.
 Q: The char has 1 byte boundary , short has 2 byte boundary, int has 4 byte boundary.
 what is the total no: of bytes consumed by the following structure:
 struct st {
 char a ;
 char b;
 short c ;
 int z[2] ;
 char d ;
 short f;
 int q ;
 Options are given.
 Answer : its very easy 20 and not 19 . 
 HP Paper 15 Sep 2003
 HP Q Paper Pattern:
 48Q 1 hr
 12Q General Knowledge
 12Q General CSE
 12Q C and C++
 12Q Java
 The q's r as follows:-
 1. Which of the foll is not a protocol.
 A> PSI (check)
 2> Which of the foll does not help security.
 Good Password 
 Update Antivirus
 3> What was the prob with Intel Processor
 Q.# define swap(a,b) temp=a; a=b; b=temp;
 main( )
 int i, j, temp;
 if( i > j)
 swap( i, j );
 printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);
 Ans: On compiling i got ans 10, 0, 0. I did not understand the concept. Please expalin this to me.
 and...the answer fot ur question is
 first preprocessor will modify ur code before compilation...so 
 the #define swap will be substituted in the line no.6 of the 
 main...so ur code will become like this before compilation...
 line 1: int i, j, temp;
 line 2: i=5;
 line 3: j=10;
 line 4: temp=0;
 line 5: if( i > j)
 line 6: swap( i, j );
 line 7: printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);
 because of preprocessor, line 6 becomes
 temp=i; i=j; j=temp;
 so...this is equivalent to
 hence...ur overall main becomes
 int i, j, temp;
 if( i > j)
 printf( "%d %d %d", i, j, temp);
 and...now i think u will know why the answer was 10, 0, 0 ..
 4> What does MIME stand for
 A> Multipurpose Mail Exchange Protocol
 5> What does XP stand for in WIN-Xp
 A> Experience
 6> Who is associated with C
 A> Dennis Ritchie
 7> Which of the foll is not a IM client
 8> What does ERP stand 4
 A> Enterprise resource planning.
 9> Who is associated with HOTMAIL
 SABEER Bhatia and Jack Smith
 SABEER Bhatia and Bill Gates
 A>SABEER Bhatia and Jack Smith
 10> What does UNIX stand 4???
 Find out
 11> Which of the foll is not a app server
 12> What do u call software embbedded in ROM
 A> BIOS (Verify and plz let me know)
 13> What is semaphore used 4????
 14> Integral Constraint helps in???
 A> Solving Inconsitent Data prob.
 15> PING uses
 16> IP ADDRESS occupies 
 4 bytes
 8 bytes
 16 bytes
 6 bytes
 A> I wrote 8. correct ans 4
 17> Which DataStructure helps Searching
 18> Q on Binary tree Depth?
 2^n - 1
 log n
 19> Database shud hav
 A> ACID properties.
 20> VPN stands 4
 A> virtual private n/w
 21> what does fork() return 2 parent
 child pid
 A> 0 
 22> What do u call the relationship b/e a table and
 its columnz
 A> Schema
 12Q on c & c++
 23> What is true about c++
 A> IT can hav virtual constuctors
 24> result of i=6; printf("%d",i++*i++)
 cant say
 A> Can't say (compiler dependent)
 25> output of
 char str[20] = "SANJAY"
 ANS> 20,6
 26> Which of the foll cannot b used accross files
 A> static. (i wrote volatile)
 27> union u{ int i; char c;};
 A> 4 (I got damm irritated when i read this q. I
 marked 4 and wrote UNDER UNIX next 2 the answer. How
 can such a dumb q which gives diff values under DOS
 and UNIX b asked???????????? lemme know)
 28> Idenitify err
 A> 5["abc"]
 12Q on JAVA
 29> Java alloctaes mem in
 30> Can u call Garbage collector explicitly
 A> S . Find out the syntax. It was asked
 31> What does this mean X = Y
 A> Object X refers to the contents of Y.
 32> Q on Null pointer Exception
 33> Synchronize is used 4???
 Tat is all i remember ppl.



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