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Paper Type : Candidate Experiences
Test Date : 7 July 2007
Test Location : NIT Kurukshetra, Kurukshetra


Hi guys ,i would like to share something about HCL placement procedure ,in which i got placed. there is online test which is of 55 min

the online test consists of
a total 60 general aptitude questions and 25 questions on technical for only computer science and an optional 10 questions on c for all non IT optional in the sence there is no compulsion in atteding the c questions there are any how not to be counted but if attempted some plus point in interview

only personel hr round
numerical questions 10
ex :which is greater in 4*2,3+5,
arthmetical reasoning 10 questions
flow charts 10
computer algorithms 10
english 15 questions
for non IT guys 70 questions in 55min ,for cse or IT 85 questions in 70 min

for every section there is cut off so u should maintain time to attempt atleast 4 questions right from each section ,the question paper is medium if u do r.s aggarwal u can have idea to do well , there are 2 to 3 questions in english alphabet coding that is like if abcde is bcdef what will ijklmn represent like this questions ,and flow charts, that is one flow chrt is given and below 5 question s are given according to flow chart u have calculate ome values and nswer questions,and also pie chart questions also given better to stuy r.s aggarwal or gre barrons,and in english passages 2to 3 passages, correction of sentences ,filling the suitable articles ie., a,the,an

what all u should see is u go on answering the questiong suppose if know 1st question try to solve and answer don't know guss and attempt any fluke ,dont think again u wiill not have time to come to ist question.any how no negative marking

ok i have done well and cleared written and attended the interview which is very formal like they asked tell about details percentage,family background and with god's grace and luck i have selected in HCL be confident in interview try to answer questions with smiling face

All the best


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