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Paper Type :
Test Date : 5 September 2007
Test Location : madurai


Hcl had visited in our campus at 5th sep 2007 so they had given the following Question pattern

It consist of 2 part.

In first part they had given 60 Aptitude ques and time duration for that was 45 min

In the second section it was fully Technical part, in that part 20 ques consist 4m C Apit only and the time duration for that was 15 min

NO Negative marking for any part .

In the first part consist of 4 section, every section had 15 ques

First section-Analogy-5,G.P series- 2,(+,-*,/) 4 ques on this basis it was some wat difficult e.g -2*3+4-5=14 and 4 option for that (i)+,- (ii)+,/ (iii)*,/ (iv)/,+

And the last 4 question which one is similar for that series

e.g- 64,125,216,343


Second section-complete series-5 they had given 5 number in between that one blank so we have to identified wat is that number e.g – 12, 16,_, 20, 22 it was not so easy, and 5 ,and coding-decoding- 5 ques it was easy,one puzzle of sitting arrangement it was easy in that 6 person sat in a row in the face of east side in that it had given 4 information on basis of that we have to sat.

Third section- alphabet-5 ques,e.g what is the same alphabet on that word Confidence,1 data-Interpetion ,it was bar-graph on the basis of they had given 5 ques it was also easy,and last 5 ques I didn’t remember.

Fourth Section- it was fully English section, in that first 5 ques from grammar mistake,they had given 4 similar type of sentence and u have to find correct sentence,3 ques from antonyms and 4 ques 4m synonyms and last 3 ques was fill up we had to fill correct form of verb in that sentence

That’s all for the first part

Second part

It was 20 ques of c-apti and time duration was 15 min so in that section they had asked basic ques of c, so clear through basic concepts that sufficient , I hadn’t remember the ques but some ques was easy and some what was difficult………

Totally 307 student had sat for written and 119 got qualified written,out of 119 student 52 student are finally selected I was also lucky that my name was also in that

In interview it was fully HR ROUND

The ques asked 4m me was

i)Tell me abt urself?

ii)They had asked how you had joined this coll?

iii)Asked abt my native what is famous in ur native?

iv)My subject of intrest was oops so they had asked wat is oops with real time example?

v) They had asked data encapsulation of real time example?

vi)Do u have any relocation problem?

vii)Service bond for one and half year?

viii)Will you go for higher studies?

so mainly they had checked ur communication skill and confidence this is very important so be confident at the time….

Then defentely u will selected………….



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