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HAL Placement Paper

Paper Type : Technical - Other
Test Date : 18 November 2008
Test Location : WEBEL HRDC Kolakata
Posted By : Methari Srinivas

Pattern 160 QSNs total.20 Gk and English,20 Aptitude,120 Technical qsnsIn GK ;

From which of the following the sentence is taken from "SATYAMEVA JAYATHE".And the options were ramayana, upanishad.etc

How many seats will be there in Rajyasabha:
English questions were easy:
Technical: concentration on analog electronics

Ex;wein bridge oscillator has which feedback(Ans.both positive and nagative)

what is cascode amplifier?

High Zin & Zout amplifier requires ----------topology (Ans current series)

2 problems on finding gain with feedback and change of feedback gain with change in gain.(Just formula substitution)

2 problems on power amplifiers (some dissipation power is given and we have to calculate ouput current or something)

2 to 3 questions on RC coupled amplifier (theoritical)

problem on ni ,pi intrinsic concentrations And if the material is doped with p-type then what is correct from the following options were:a)ni.pi=np

b) ni+pi=np etc.

porblem on zener diode one qst from Hall effect ie in which direction does the force or something act....

2 qstns from op-amps (easy)

Control system:

correct order to increase stability of a system.......options were gain,-feedback,derivative control -feedback,gain,derivative control
derivative control,gain,-feedback

The -ve real axis nyquist plot is mapped into ------------in bode plot options were -180 phase shift line180 phase shift line
10dB line etc.....which of the following is time domain techniques of system stability nyquist,root locus,polar plot,bode plot

one problem on bode plot(just verification)

problem on finding resonant frequency given Ch.equation


an FM wave is passed trough a frequency trippler what is its modulation index(given modulation index of FM wave)

power problem on AM

preemphsis is used for

some qsns on D.electronics easy
one qsn from optics (given R.index ,Frequency ,and asked to find out wavelenght)
one qsn from waveguides (which of the following modes are possible)
2 ,3 qsns from antennas
yagi uda antenna contains what?options given

Ft of guassian pulse is ----------optins guassian,rayleigh,etc...
psd of white noise is --------------options uniform,non uniform etc...
some qsnts on correlation
h(t)=ePOW(-kt) and i/p is sinwt then what is o/p----------------(signals)
12 ,1 ohm ressistors are used as an edges to form a cube then what is Req b/w two diagnolly opposite corners of the cube
one problem on finding time constant for a ckt of RLC
one problem on resonance given some parameters we have to calculate the current through L at resonance.......
one theory qst on signal flow graph
theory qstns on oscillators
qsnts on F.seris(what terms it contain if some condiion is satisfied)

That's all I remembered............

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