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GlobalEdge Sample Paper

1. What is the output of the following code ?

int main( )
for( ; ;);
return 0;

a. give compilation error
b. prints Hello infinite times
c. Runs in an infinite loop without printing anything.
d. prints Hello once.

Ans: c

2. Output of the code?
FUNC (int *p)
p = (int *)malloc(100);

int main( )
int *ptr;
return 0;

a. Both printf statements prints same values.
b. Both print different values.
c. Gives compile time error.
d. Gives run time error.

Ans: b

3. Output of the code?
int main()
char a[] = "world";
printf("%d %d\n",strlen(a),sizeof(a));
return 0;

a. 5,5
b. 6,5
c. 5,6
d. 6,6

Ans: c

4. What is the output generated?

char *s = "Hello";

a. Hello
b. ello
c. e
d. none of these.

Ans: b

5. Interpret the given declaration 

char ( * ( f ( ) ) [ ] )( )

a. f is a pointer to function returning char 
b. f is a pointer to an array of function returning a char
c. Invalid declaration
d. f is a function returning pointer to array[] of pointer to function returning char.

Ans : d

1. A binary tree of height h, h > 0 has 

a. at least h and atmost 2*h-1 elements in it.
b. at least 2^h and atmost (2^h)+1 elementz in it.
c. at least 2^h -1 and atmost h^2 elements in it.
d. at least h and atmost (2^h) - 1 elements in it.

Ans: d

2. Thrashing is

a. flooding of pages in the memory.
b. increase in removal of pages from memory.
c. increase in page faults leading to decrease in CPU utilization.
d. removal of unused pages from memory making space for new ones.

Ans: c

3. Recursive Descent parser is a type of

a. Bottom up parser.
b. Top Down parser.
c. None of these.
d. Bottom down parser.

Ans: b

4. alloca() allocates memory from 

a. Heap.
b. Reserved memory.
c. Data segment.
d. Stack.

Ans: d

5. What is the octal equivalent of decimal (5468). 

a. 12360.
b. 12560.
c. None of these.
d. 12650. 

Ans : c


GloabalEdge Sample paper

1. main()
{ int i; 

a)2 b)3 c)Compiler error d)Syntax error. 

ans : 3

2. main(){ 
char str[]="GESL"; 
printf("%d %d",sizeof(str),strlen(str));

a)5,5 b)4,4 c)5,4 d)4,5 
ans: 5, 4

3. main(){ for(i=0;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above. 

ans: 0 times.

4. main(){ for(i=1;i++;i<100) printf("hello world\n"); }

a)100 times b)0 times c)Infinite loop d)None of the above. 

ans: infinite loop

5. main(){ char c; scanf("%s",c); }

a)Compiler dependent b)unpredictable c)Compiler error d) scans the i/p. 

ans: Compiler dependent.

6. main(){
int k=5;
for(++k<5 && k++/5 || ++k<8);

a)5 b)6 c)7 d)8 

ans: 7

7. main(){
int *ptr1,*ptr2;
ptr1=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int));
printf("%d %d\n",*ptr1,*ptr2);

int *func(int a, int b, int *c) 
int x=a+b;

a)Bug in the code. b)No Bugs prints correctly c)Error d) None of the above. 

Ans: Bug in the code.

8). int main() {
int i = 10, j ;
if ( ( j = ~i ) < i )
printf ( "True" ) ;
printf ( "False" ) ;

a) True b) False c) Compiler Dependent d) None of the above. 

ans : True

9. How many bytes are required to create a 3*3 matrix using double pointer 
ans: 12

10. take int=4,float=8,char=1
main() {
FILE *fp;
printf("%d\n",sizeof(fp) );

a)2 b)4 c)Compiler dependent d)Error 


11. main()
int a=10,20;
printf("%d\n %d\n",a,b); 

a)a=20,b=10 b)a=10,b=20 c)Syntax error d)Unpredictable 

Ans : a=20 b=10 
12. main() {

int i=10;

switch(i) {
case 10: printf("Hello "); {
case 1 : printf("World ");
case 5: printf("Hello World ");

a) Hello b) Hello c) Hello World Hello World d) Syntax Error. 

Ans : Hello World Hello World
13. main() {
char str1[]="Hello";
char str2[]="Hello";
if ( str1==str2 )

Ans: False.
a)True b)False c)Error d) Unpredictable. 

15. main()
# include <stdio.h>
int i = 10 ; 
printf("%d\n", i/2 );

a)10 b)5 c)error d) warning. 
ans : 5

16. #include <stdio.h> 
# pragma pack(2)

struct SIZE {
int i;
char ch ;
double db ;
} ;
main () {
printf ( "%d\n",sizeof(struct SIZE) );

a)12 b)14 c)16 d)8


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