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eFunds Sample Test Paper

Aptitude test - 35 aptitude questions & 15 engineering questions (1 hr) There is some min cut off Book of R S Agarwal is enough 4 aptitude test Eng also easy..... synonyms, sentence completion

2. Computer awareness test - 25 questions(15 min) questions from C,OS,DBMS,n/w,data structures.... some questions

1) Deadlock involves
a) hold & wait b) circular chain c) .... d) all of these
Ans) d
2) Some questions related 2 windows.... Ans) FAT 32 

3) Which of these is not a feature of AVL tree
a) Balanced b) while insertion its rotated... etc
4) Feature of primary key
a) clustered b) nonclustered c) unique but clustered or no clustered... etc
5) Which is true 4 referential integrity
a) while insertion in foreign key its master table is checked
b) while insertion in master table its foreign key is checked
c) while deletion of foreign key its master table is checked.....etc
6) Given that some 110101 * xx = 1001101 ( data mite b wrong ) find the value of x 
( related 2 binary xion)
7) Virtual mem concept involves
a) lazy swappin.... etc
8) Which of these is not a windows system file.... some choices
3. Technical interview (30 - 45 min) questions from C, C++, Area of interest & final sem project
if v study "pointers in C" by "Y.Kanetkar" then v can
answer C
questions.other qns r general concepts... b confident while answering questions
4. HR interview (10 - 15 min) .... some questions..

1) Tell about yourself & your family background?
2) your strength, weakness?
3) which is important 4 a s/w - development or testing?
4) what kind of work enviornment do u prefer?
5) what do u know about our company?




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