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Information About test

 It is an online test..so u'l know results 10 mins aftr finishing t test..b4 u tak t test,they'l give a presntation abt DSRC...watch it carefully bcoz u've to write somthing abt t company at t end of t test..presntation goes on for 1/2 hour..test consists of 5 sections:                                       

Section 1: Complete the number sequence.. 25 questions in 25 mins... eg. Some five numbers will be given..u have to guess t 6th  number.

Section 2: Complete the sequence with appropriate picture..25  questions in 20 mins...e g. 4 pictures wil b given ...u've to determine the 5th  pic...u can get samples in General Knowledge books...easy...u should face no problems

Section 3: Reasoning Test..15 Q..30 mins..Section 3: one paragraph...one question...4 options...15 times...u'l  get t 1st few correctly...but after 7 or 8 Q's,u'l get bored...so be  patient..the answers are not difficult at all...

Section 4: finding out error in given sentence..10 Q,10 mins..eg. one sentence...4 sections are marked and u have to say  which section has an error in it...

Probably the easiest of all...one incomplete sentence..u'l  have to fil it up with choices given...choices can be a single word  or words..

After u finish t test,u'l have 2 fill up a questionnaire(on t computer)...stuff lik why u want 2 pursue a career in computers,wat makes u eligibe 2 pursue a career in computers,who or what has made u t person who u r now,family background,what problem 2day in t world, troubles u t most,wat do u know abt DSRC,,etc etc...then they'l ask u 
wat subj u want t interview to be on..some topics are

VB/SQL server
SQL Server                                            
IBM Mainframe
etc etc


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