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CSC Job Placement Paper

Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 1 May 2006


Here I got 1 CSC placement paper and i'm posting it for you all. this year they have changed their pattern entirely, emphasis has shifted to java and programming. I do not remember all questions and these are based on memory of my friens and myself .

1.C# is a native language of:
A.Java B. .Net C.Visual Basic

2.What is IMP in Objective C
A.Implementation pointer B.Important Pointer C.Intended Pointer

3.The width in bits of double primitive type in Java is --. Select the one correct answer.
1. The width of double is platform dependent 2. 64 3. 128 4. 8 5. 4

4.What would happen when the following is compiled and executed. Select the one correct answer.
2. class example {
3. int x;
4. int y;
5. String name;
6. public static void main(String args[]) {
7. example pnt = new example();
8. System.out.println("pnt is " + pnt.name +
9. " " + pnt.x + " " + pnt.y);
10. }
11. }
1. The program does not compile because x, y and name are not initialized.
2. The program throws a runtime exception as x, y, and name are used before initialization.
3. The program prints pnt is 0 0.
4. The program prints pnt is null 0 0.
5. The program prints pnt is NULL false

5.Which of these lines will compile? Select all correct answers.
1. short s = 20;
2. byte b = 128;
3. char c = 32;
4. double d = 1.4;;
5. float f = 1.4;
6. byte e = 0;

6.What is contained in the directory /proc?:
a. System information b. Administrative procedures c. Boot procedures d. Documentation on your sytem

8. Transactions per rollback segment is derived from[DBA]
a. Db_Block_Buffer b. Processes, c. Shared_Pool_Size,
d. None of the above

9. These following parameters are optional in init.ora parameter file DB_BLOCK_SIZE, PROCESSES
a True, b False Ans : False

10.What is the purpose of different record methods 1) Record 2) Pass up 3) As Object 4) Ignore.

11.While running DOS on a PC, which command would be used to duplicate the entire diskette:

(Paper Submitted By : Rajiv Trivedi)



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