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Capgemini Placement paper


Hi friends
This is omkar from D.M.C.E ,airoli, navi Mumbai. Cap Gemini visited our college on 4th September 2008.well let me tell u about myself, before CAPGEMINI I cleared 5 aptitude test ,1 GD ,4 TR and 3 HR and then too I was not selected. So u can think me as an experience candidate for placement) but I think my destiny was in cap Gemini . the overall procedure for the placement was as follows:-

1) U r required to fill a admit card for the online aptitude test. The online aptitude test consist of 2 sections of 50 questions.
1) Quantitative (1 to 25)
2) Logical (26 to 50). Time limit:-60 min.

There was no negative marking. There was sectional cutoff.

Quantities section consist of following question
*) how many prime numbers r between 1 to 100? (ans :-25 (1 is not prime))
*)a problem on speed ,distance, time like superman flies at 25mph, spiderman flies at15mph and phantom take 2 hrs to fly from NY to DC. If speed of spiderman is twice that of phantom .and distance between NY to DC is same as distance between NY to Washington (I don’t remember it well) there where couple of question like
*) what is the distance between NY and DC?
*) how long will superman take to travel from dc to Washington and back?
*) I donno remember the 3rd ?
*)the largest no between (7)-(2),(3)+(4),2*(2),6+(2)(X)=square root of X
*)Arrange some numbers in descending order?

I will tell u guys if u want to crack quantitative section u have to do following section well ;-\
1-numbers (5 question)
3-speed ,distance(5)
4-simple compound interest(2)
5-profit and loss(3)
6-progression (2)

Logical section consist of following question;-
*)a problem on if it rains on Wednesday it will rain on Friday and so on and 5 questions based on the data (the question on the data were scattered all around the paper i.e 1st question was no 26,2nd was no 30,3rd was 32,4th was 36,and 5th was 38) (easy)
*)a problem on playground i.e A,B,C,D want to play on ground P,Q,R,S.A plays on p and Q. B on Q & R. C on Q and S.5 question where asked on the data (easy)
*)a 5 question on relation i.e A is D mom. B is E mom. F is C son. B is G aunt(not sure).

And some more data was given Let me tell u friends the logical question was much easy than quantitative .so first attempt logical and then quantitative. don’t go for solving all question of logical solve 15 questions of logical then go for quantitative since quantitative is difficult and there was sectional cut off. Keep last 5 minutes for guessing the answers of the remaining question.

In our college out of 80, 20 was selected for interview (since less student qualified, they cancelled the GD section and directly took the interview)

Well there were 2 interviews (TR and HR) My HR interview went like this

I –good evening sir.
Interviewer –good evening omkar .how was u r day?
I – fine sir ?
Interviewer:-well omkar tell me about you.
I – (this is the main part. mention u r name ,birth date , birth place, academic’s 10th ,12th B.E ,the order of mentioning should be ascending, don’t directly start from u r B.E ,also mention u r hobbies, which u pursued in 10 ,12 and B.E ,also mention achievement if any)
Interviewer-well does u have any idea about DBMS (if u r comp or IT u should know what it is?)
I – yes.
Interviewer – can u develop database relation schema for a movie theatre (since I mention my hobby as WATCHING MOVIES)
I – I did as he told; he in fact helped me to develop the database.
Interviewer – what do u mean by normalization?
I – explained with an example and also told about 1NF, 2NF, 3NF etc
Interviewer - any liking for programming languages?
I – ‘C’ programming language.
Interviewer – he asked me to write a program (only logic, no emphasis on syntax) for Fibonacci series (really a piece of cake)
Interviewer – asked me about my project work for current year?
I – explained about my project in detailed (he was really impressed by my presentation of project).
Interviewer – asked question about my project?
Interviewer – do u have any question?
I – sir, can u give me details of the bond we have to sign while joining?
Interviewer – explained?
Interviewer – well omkar thank u?

(he got up for shaking hand, tat’s a sign u r on right track, I left the room and after some time I got call for HR interview .the trick for clearing TR is be honest for most times, if u donno know some answer, tell him frankly tat “u can’t recollect it”, if u have some knowledge tell him what u know about it and last add”tats all I can remember ,sir “)

My HR went like this:-
Interviewer:-u may sit omkar.
I – thank u sir.
Interviewer – tell me about u r self?
I – same as above
Interviewer – what about u r family background?
I – told him.
Interviewer- which technology r u aiming for career and why?
I – sir, JAVA becoz it’s an ever expanding, branching language, like JSP, JAVA net beans, JAKARTA STRUTS etc (added something about the features about JAVA)
Interviewer – where do u see u r self 5 years from now?
I – leading a group of 5-10 people in an I.T firm probably a project leader.
Interviewer - do u know any recent news about the booming IT sector? (since I mentioned my hobby as newspaper reading)
I – no sir my special liking is for world politics, and technology. sir not really interested in business .
Interviewer- ok . any problem shifting to other locations?
I – no.
Interviewer – well thank u omkar ?
I – thank u sir.

I waited for 2 hours outside and finally 7 people went for HR interview (I was one of them) out of 20 selected they told me that results of those who gave HR will be out next day the rest r rejected .while rest went home dejected I was nervous whether I will be selected or not. on next day results were out (they mailed the result to our training and placement officer) out of 7, 4 were selected and I was one of them! finally!



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