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Hi friends i am Amit from University college of Engineering, Osmania University, I wrote test on aug10th and i get thru written and i had interview on sep 26th...results were out on 12th sep and i got selected.Coming to BHEL company's profile its an Navratna PSU having an profitable track record....so i am very happy to work for it..
Now coming to the written test paper
120-technical(am from electrical branch)
120 aptitude + english
1/5 negative marks

Technical questions were quite tough yaar.....i did it for half an hour and i could do only 15 questions then i jumped for Aptitude section just to have a glance of it i found it very easy...so out of 120 i cracked around 80-95 questions.......then i again jumped to technical sections in this phase i could do around 35-45 qns and time limit of 150 mins was over.

Technical Paper
1)Simple questions from inter physics some around 10-15 questions like formula of radius of gyration, sphere , cylindrical
formula of K.E
2) Most of the questions were from Control systems very easy (nearly 20 questions)
3)Machinery questions wre quite tough(10 questions nearly)
4)Power systems(20 qns)
5)electrical measurements and instruments
What i suggest is to do control systems, power systems and machinery gate materials

Interview consists of choosing a chit which contains specific topic i got applications of synchronus machines. so if u answer this u could gain good marks...for interview u should b thorough with each and every topic of electrical bcos v had around 100 chits...after that they asked basic questions.. it lasted for half and hour atlast i got selected for Heavy Power Equipment Plant (HPEP), Hyderabad.

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