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Bank of Maharashtra Placement Papers

There are three rounds of selection procedure.

1. Listening Skills: In this part, a conversation between two persons will be played in a cassette player and a question paper containing questions relevant to the conversation will be asked. Don,t worry about it, there will be a pause to answer each question after each conversation and the conversation is not a lengthy one. The reason for my failure is that I didn,t concentrate to the conversation when it was played rather I was
the reading the questions. So, I was trying to the answer the previous question when the next conversation was going on. So if u are going to attend the test dont do whatever I have stated above. Jusy listen cooly and answer without frustration.

2.Communication Skills: In this part, u have to meet the HR person and he will test ur communication skills. For girls, they
usually ask only two question:

i. Tell about yourself

ii. Tell about your family background

In this section, American accent, vocabulary resource, grammar are considered mainly. So before going there find out some hi-fi
words in dictionary so that u can impress the person. Guys will be asked few more questions apart from those listed above in this section:

i. The candidate will be asked to tell something about his pen and a time of 30 seconds will be given for that.

ii Or the candidate will be asked to sell a pen to the HR person thinking him as a customer.

3. Technical Skills: In this part, u will be asked questions regarding operating system(Windows), Hardware( simple questions),
networking, etc.

Questions regarding os will be like:
i How to install a modem and its driver in windows
ii How to connect to the internet
iii How to view device manager, task manager, control panel and its contents

U would be knowing everything if u were given a system but the thing is, u have to answer the steps involved in viewing these
windows. For instance, if u were asked how to change screen saver; u have to answer in the way that it should be understandable
to one who uses a system for the first time i.e. u should say, goto desktop and right click ur mouse then click on properties.....(like this). Is it ok, clear!

Few other questions are expansion of USB, LPT, COM,etc; how many devices can be connected to a USB port in a system and how many
hard disks can be connected to a system,etc.

If u are selected in the 3 rounds, u will be asked to join the next day and appointment order can be got on the same day itself i.e if u selected u can come home with ur appointment order in the evening itself.

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