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 Sample Test paper

50 questions,1 hour,min CGPA 5.8, Question paper  in  two sets A & B 3 round of interview

1.                   In a party 48 person r there,2/3 r men, remaining are women, half of women r doctor,no of doctor in party

2.                  From a cuboids of 18*15*8 size how many 6*6*6 cube can be cut

3.                  The age of father is thrice then his son, after    15 yr the the father age is twice as the son, Find the age of father.ans-45 yr

4.                  Which is greater 30% of 40,5 more than the square of 3,aur are hi 2 the yad nahi hai. 

5.                   A man purchase 3 tv @11500 rs per piece,one sold at 20% gain,other two 7% loss,find net gain/loss.

6.                  One ball drops fron height 150 m,and bounces back to 5/6 of previous height,till it becomes stationary,calculate
total  height trevelled. 

7.                   Two question related to the position of chair(11 person(5   men.6 women),kucch sharat hai),find the location.

8.                  Apple:fruit then wood:tree and 3 more

9.                  One question related to ration and proption values r not adjact---one material @1.60 rs per kg is mixed with second material @1.48 rs per kg,in what propotin they r added so the mixed material costs 1.54 rs per kg.

10.               In a polygon,if line is drawn towards outside,then sum of  angle at any vertex is----not remembered exactly.  

11.              Find the min value of 6Xsquare-12X

12.              One question from set theory--in a survey of college of 2000 student 54% like coffie,68% like tea, some %(48%)like smoke from total  and 30% like coffie and tea,32 % like tea and smoke,some percentage likea coffie and smoke,6 % not like anything, Find the % of  Coffie only.Valus r not exact.

13.              The sum of two no is 72,then max value if their multiple of those no is----?      

14.              A function is given,you have to find the valve of X at which the finctin in min--Y is function of (arithmetic  

15.              If the income of A is 25 % less than the income of B.then the income of B is greater than -----%?

16.              Three coin r tossed,The probabaility of getting atleast one head is----?

17.              In a Glass a mix of milk and water(4 times milk and 1 times water).Glass se kitana mix nakal lo ki usake place me water  dalane per mix ka ratio 50% water and 50% milk ho jaye. ans 3/8

18.              In the expansion of(X2+1/X2)12---X square plus one upon X  square ka whole power twelve----the coefficient of term which is free from X   

19.              If she is y year older from x year,then how many year older from Z year.   

20.              Three ques depding on relations---3 condition---and you have to give ans----it is too easy---u can do in 1 min.

21.               Paragraph complete karana hota hai.

22.               Logical sequence of sentence like in Engg services





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