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Yipii...............i got selected in Accenture my dreams come True!!!! Still cant believe after after being rejected in interview of (US Tech,TECH mahindra) at last i Got selected d thing is it has 2 b Your Day...... i m from GNE collg ludhiana...Accenture came at Ciet chandigarh (JOINT CAMPUS) ok now enough abt me i'll giv u sum tips which helpd me our aptti n GD was Dated on 9th and  interviews(ie.Tehinical &Hr ) was on 10th..ok nw lets start wid my exp.

1st hurddle is Aptti....... Hey Guys Dnt worry abt aptti its simple ya simple 4 all but i can assure u if u r average than also u can through it..1000+ appeared for it n 374(app) selected cutt of was around 40 out of 55 que time was 60 min n yaup 5 min extra for eassy writing (just a formality).the test patter is also ready posted on fresher world do GO through it n plz BELIEVE IN YOU... 

2nd Hurddle is GD ..................DANGEROUS one!!!!!! out of 374 only 80(app) get through

Gd was most disappointing moment 4 me as my 2 best buddy  was not selected but dnt b BLUE as 1n is allready placd in TECH mahindra ok leave it so coming on GD its d highest eliminating round we were put in a batch of 15 student each n their were 31 Batches n they nly select 3or 4 frm each.

THE imp thing -> Try to Dominate d GD and as its going 2 b fish market try 2 calm thm dowm by saying we r here 4 gd nt for one on one interaction n BLA BLA.............

after this they gave us PPT(pre placment talk) its very boring n last for 2 full hrs they tell u each n every thing abt Accenture wright frm d Scratch and at d end their was a quis round but leav it n focus on interview

Nw NEXT DAY !0 th march 

Hurrddle 3rd.....Interview bith HR and TECH interview will b going simultanously n its their choice which 1n you get i Got Hr

Before going 2 HR cram ur Resume as its going 2 b HR- cum-Tech interview.B prepaird for vollies like

1) y  Accenture?

2) what you knw abt accenture?

3) 5 top indian IT company

They just check ur confidence n skills and they tell you result after 5 min

nw 4th n Final Hurrdle.........Tech interview

Please please prepare 1 Subject they nly ask ur 1n favirout subject and sum que on it n dnt say C or C++ coz unless ur full prepaired they want new technology

i told Java core n few simple que lik wht is exception handling? wht is JSP

C if u hav cleared one interview i Assure u tht 80% u r selected... after 2 hactic rounds result was out n around 50students Got placed in Accenture and thnax GOD i m one of thm.... i knw u must b curious to knw abt d packg but guys Accenture BRAND name is more thn Enough so dnt b ""lalchii" thik hei...




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