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    1. Write all layers of OSI Model and briefly explain them ? - 10 marks

    2. What is difference between GSM & CDMA ? - 10 marks

    3. Draw any communication model(GSM/CDMA) ? - 10 marks

    4. Explain all multiplexing techniques(TDMA/FDMA/CDMA) - 10 marks

    5. Write about AM,FM & PCM ? - 10 marks

    There were 10 questions of 3 marks each & other 10 ,2 marks each ,all fill in blanks along with objective type: Some of questions I m mentioning are :

    Which Modulation is used in CDMA?
    How many slots are in E1 ?
    CDMA 2000 has data rate of ..?
    Frequency range of CDMA?
    Which of following are not forward channels? (Pilot,Sync,Access)
    Class C specification ?
    Bandwith of one time slot?
    How may bits are in one burst?
    Which of following connect two networks?(Router,Switch,Hub)
    CDMA Stands for :
    Two types of Frequency Hopping

    The technical test went excellent for me,after that it was time for 30 minutes aptitude test?? Which had some tricky questions like:

    Which of the two countries have square flags?
    Which comes after gigabyte? Terabyte & then???
    After that, it was time for group discussion??(Topic : Is India Booming ???)

    At the last they took an interview, technical along with hr, well for me they took 25 minutes to complete askin me questions..oopes..big inteview for me..reg my 6 months practical training at Nokia India Pvt Ltd and general questions like why u didn't opt for MBA,why do u want to join ZTE,weakness 7 good qualities sort of stuff

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