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    There Selection procedure is

    1) Aptitude Test

    2) Technical Interview

    3) Hr Interview

    Aptitude Test : (there was no negative marking but there is the sectional cut off of 50%)

    First section was the English section , for me it is the toughest hurdle coz I had prepared the articles ,prepositions ,tenses ,synonyms and antonyms but the pattern of the test was totally different , there was a complete sentence in which a fragment is underlined and we have to replace that fragment with the given options , and it was a real hack when I tried out options one by one every one is perfectly fine. I was really confused( dimag ki ghanti baj gai thi yaar kuch bhi nahi samjh me aa raha tha , jitne experiments kar sakta tha kar liye but kuch bhi nahi hua ab to lag raha tha ki bhagawan hi malik hai ) and the next five question were like

    Prem Chandra was a _______ poet , he has written several ______ with his title and still lots of them _______.

    In these question I shooted lots of arrows ( I hope some of them might hit the target )

    Next 5 question were like Heat: temperature:: _______:_______ I m sure that I haven’t answered more then 2 correctly .

    And the last five question were based on a passage ( I say to me that ,”yaar agar English ki sectional cut off cross karma hai to kuch bhikar ke ye sare question thik karne hi padenge” ) I read the passage twice and I m sure that I must have answered all the question right .

    Two mins were still there , I tried to keep myself calm but I was really frustrated .

    Next section was Maths

    1)A can do a work in 31 days and B can do the same work in 8 days ,A alone started the work after few days he was joined by B , and the work completed in 10 days . After how many days A is been joined by B.
    2)In an election between 2 candidate one have got 53% votes and won by 1057 votes , how many votes were there ?
    3)A spent 3589 Rs. In first four months and 5216 Rs. In next eight months , if he saves 2368 Rs per month then what is his salary ?
    4)A man sells a bike and a cow in 14000 Rs. , by selling his bike he loses 20% and gained 20% in selling his cow , if the total profit was 200 Rs. Then what was the cost price of cow?
    5)Two no. are in 2:3 ratio if the three fifth of the first number is added to two third of the second no then the new ratio will be ?
    6)The cp a ltrs of milk is 12 rs , a milk man purchases 20lts of milk and wants to earn 200Rs. in the transaction if he sells 20 ltrs of milk then how much water will be the sp of a ltr milk….(too simple its not allegation)

    Next Section was reasoning

    A, B, C, D, and E were 3 guys and 2 girls , each one have the b'day in Jan, Feb,…may;

    Each one of them like sweets, ice cream….etc.

    Note : verbal as well as non verbal reasoning was there .( don’t worry it was easy )

    Now It’s the time for the Technical Section which was the last section of the paper :

    Most of the question were based on the C output and rest of the question were from networking , Computer Architecture , Operating System. Question were like:
    1)which is the fastest : FTP ,TELNET ,TCP, etc.
    int x=20 ,y=35;
    x= x++ + y++;
    y = ++x + ++y;
    printf(“%d %d”,x,y);
    3)char *p[]=”rachit and devender”;
    4)const char *p[]=”abhishek and Ankur”;

    char k=’a’;



    extern int i;



    6) main(){
    int i,j=2;

    if(i%j !=0)




    For what values if i the output will be 5 : options 1)when i is even 2) odd 3)prime 4) fro all

    7)complexity of merge sort .?
    8)which sorting also will use to sort {1,2,3,4,5} ?
    9)which cpu register holds the address of next instruction?
    Char *p[]=”pradeep mani”;
    11) select * from dual ; output..??
    12) we cant typedef (i) pointers (ii) function (iii) double (iv) I and II both

    A person came and said that only 5 people are selected every one of us were astonished ,we were assuming that at least 15 people will crack this Aptitude but that was really strange , but Mine name was there , but I really feel bad for all those my friends who were unable to cross this barrier They have gave us a form to fill up , it’s a general details entry form , they take our CVs and ask us for reporting them with in 15 Mins.

    Then they started bombarding questions,
    1)what is pointer to a function ..
    2)Explain the working of pointer to a function
    3)Difference between char const *p , const char *p ,const * char p, const char * const p
    4)What Is FILE *fp
    5)Write a program to print a file from the last .
    6)Write a program to encrypt the file

    7)What is abstraction
    8)What is run time polymorphism
    9)What is register storage class? If a variable is declared as register then is it compulsory that it will be of storage type register?
    10)What is interface in java ?
    11)What is implementation ?

    12)Why java doesn’t support multiple inheritance ?
    13)Is c++ is pure object oriented?
    14)Why we need new operator in java at the time of object declaration and why not in c++?

    15)Write a program to implement virtual functions .
    16)What is the difference between file and data base storage ?
    17)Difference between hierarchical data model and network data model ?
    18)What are the 12 codd’s rule ?
    19)Gave me a table and asked me to normalize it up to 3 nf .
    20)Difference between BCNF and 4 nf ?
    21)Difference between conflict and view serialzability
    22)What is batch operating system ?
    23)Difference between multiprogramming and multitasking ?
    24)What are different types of scheduler ? explain short term scheduler ?
    25)What are different scheduling algorithms ?

    26)What is a system call?
    27)Monitors and Semaphores ?
    28)What are different CPU registers ?
    29)Object oriented model , Component Assembly model and Waterfall model ? compare them ?
    30)Difference between OSI and TCP/IP?
    31)X.25 ?

    32)CSMA/CD ?


    34)Heap Sort , Merge Sort ?
    35)Hashing Technique ?

    I was thinking that ,”yaar kintne question poochenge ye log , voh poochte ja rahe the aur main batataja raha tha “,there were lots of other question..

    This round last for around 50 -55 mins . and HR round was also attached to this because we were only 5 people selected out there , now came the time for the HR interview :

    Normal Questions:
    1)Describe Yourself as a person ?(

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