Zenith Placement Paper

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    Zenith Placement Paper

    There were 3 sections

    1st Round Aptitude Contains 5 Sections which were quiet easy to answer.

    Technical Questions

    Questions were based on C, C++, DBMS and Oracle (SQL*plus and PL/SQL).

    2nd Round - Technical Interview Questions from C, C++, Datastructures, DBMS and Oracle (SQL*plus and PL/SQL) Questions on projects done earlier were asked.

    3rd Round - HR Interview Go through common HR Interview Questions and be prepared

    Sample Questions
    1.What is the meaning memory allocation and why we use it ?

    2.What is the meaning of physical memory and virtual memory ?

    2.What are the 3Ms of production ?

    4.What does 6 Sigma represent ?

    5.What is a register ?

    6.llocating memory at runtime is also call as _____ ?

    7.What is static and dynamic memory allocation ?

    8.What is virtual memory ?

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