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    1. Section 1 - Quantitative

    1. Sum of three nos is 98. The ratio between 1 and 2 is 2:3. The ratio between 2 and 3 is 5:8 .

    Find the second no?

    2. A car travels uphill at 30 km/hr and downhill at 60 km/hr. It goes 100 km uphill and 50 km

    downhill. Find the average speed of the car?

    3. A batsman's avg in 12 innings is 24.00 . If his avg is to be double of the no of innings (15

    innnings), what should he score in the remaining three innings (avg)?

    4. A man buys 1kg of sandalwood and 1kg of teakwood. He sells one for 10% profit and other

    for 10% loss.What is total profit/loss percentage?

    5. In a class of 250 students, on JAN 2 15% of the girls and 10% of the boys are absent. If

    on 100% attendance there are 10 boys. Find the percentage present?

    6. Mandrake has to choose from 4 from 10 people. There are 3 girls, 5 boys , 2 children.

    What is total probability that he will choose 1G , 2B , 1C?

    7. Some questions on Geometry?

    8. Some questions on Measurements?

    9. Some questions on permutation and combination.

    Section 2 - Ananlytical

    1. Cities A - M are connected.Distance between any two cities is 1mile.They gave which city

    connects which city.Q's based on these data

    2. One pblm on DI.Gulshan Kumar and Rakesh Roshan take a film. If they take a art film it's

    25 lacs or a multi starrer it's 75 lacs.They spend 28% on clothing ,11% on lighting.Actor fee 22%

    for Multi starrer or 10 lacs for art film.Based on these data some questions were asked.

    Section 3 - Verbal

    General GRE type q's.:Analogies,Reading Comprehension.

    Section 4 - Visual reasoning.

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