WIPRO Selection-Procedure

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    Wipro Selection Procedure

    In written test 3 sections

    1 Quantitative /analytical reasoning (20 questions)

    2 Verbal ability (20 questions)

    3 Technical section (10questions)

    No of questions-50

    Time limit -60 Minutes

    Sectional cut-off

    Main topics to concentrate is

    Quantitative /analytical reasoning


    Time and work,

    Time and distance,


    Number series

    Clocks and Calendars

    Blood Relationship

    Logical deductions,

    Seating arrangement


    Theme detection

    Coding and decoding


    Data interpreataion

    Verbal ability

    Sentence correction



    Choosing correct alternative

    Idiomatic expression

    Odd man out

    Choosing correct phrase

    One word substitute

    Arranging a word-

    Punctuation marks

    Fill in the blanks

    Technical Questions



    Optical fibre

    OS,Data structures.SQL

    Micro processors etc.,

    HR Interview

    Introduce yourself

    Favourite subject,

    Your project

    Why wipro

    How do you rate me as an interviewer ?

    Always remember you will be judged on the following criteria
    * Self confidence
    * Grasp on branch subject
    * Grasp on language (C, C++, JAVA etc)
    * Presence of mind
    * Eye contact (With HR)

    Be cool and confident u can really clear wipro interviews.

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