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    1)a passage was given....its 3/4 th page big.....then 3 questions on the passage....i feel you dont have to waste ur time in reading the passage completely...its better to first read questions and then look for answers... they are easy questions
    2)3 sentences were given n we need to correct the grmatically wrong part

    eg: polo is considered to be the older sport, ..........blah blah blah....
    options to correct underlined part are given......
    and 2 more questions like this.....
    4) a,b,c,d four sentnces are given and we need to arrange them so that a meaning full para forms..... it was dam easy....


    1)6 kms long track.... a person travels at 140km/hr for 3 km and then 210km/hr for 1.5 km and the remaining 1.5km at 168km/hr...... find average speed

    2) kishan has few mangoes with him... he gives 3 hints to krishna... find the number of mangoes
    a)if the number is a multiple of 5, then it lies betwwen 11-19
    b)if the number is not a multiple of 8, it lies between21-29
    c)if the number is not a multiple of 10, it lies btwn 31-39
    even i tried to solve but exact answer is not known to me to...i guessed the ans

    3)vinay is sitting in a row of boys,there are 15 to his right and 14 to his left...howmany boys are there in the row??(damn easy question isnt it??)

    4)a 5 digit number has its first digit 1 less than second digit..third digit is equal to first digit when divided by 3,fourth is got by adding 3 to first digit,and sum of all digits is 25... find the number.....ans is 67291

    5) some codes of few name plates are given and we were asked to find the code of 5th plate..... i did nto even attempt it....

    6)if the word VIOLENCE is coded as EVCINOEL how is the word SEPERATE coded as

    7) SOME BIG QUESTION ABOUT HUMMING HABIT OF manisha,A CHESS PLAYER, IS GIVEN..THEY SAY HER HUMMING habit is disturbing other players and they report to panel about it....what is the correct argument that manisha can make to defend her self??
    4 options are given...we need to read all 4 carefully,understand them and then answer....its not tough but needs a bit of attention

    8)what is one half of two thirds of three fourths of four fifths of five sixth of six sevenths of seven eighths of eight nineths of nine tenths of thirty??? ans is 3

    and some more questions like this...they are very easy....


    1) wat gates is a NAND gate prepared of?
    2)does constructor have a return type??
    3) wat operators in cpp cant be over loaded??
    4) which of them is odd man out....GPRS,GSM,.... AND IDM....ans is IDM
    5) if A=10000001 B=10000010 C=10000011 then what does the word 100000111000000110000010 mean... ans is CAB
    6)some 4 to 5 codes in c are given and out put is asked.....
    some more questions like this are asked.

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