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    Wipro contains 3 rounds in the selection process...
    1) Aptitude round
    2) Technical interview
    3) H.R. interview

    The Aptitude round again contains 3 sections
    * Verbal (15 ques)
    * Quantitative aptitude (15 ques)
    * Technica l(20 ques)

    ***** totally 50 ques r given which shud b completed within 1 hour...

    *********There is a sectional cut off..so every section shud b prepared with utmost care......

    ******No negative marking....

    ****No time limit for each section....

    Verbal round is easy compared with other comapanies....
    synonym of 1 or 2 words
    antonym of 1 or 2 words
    punctuation of 2 sentences
    fill in the blank with 4 options
    (here all the 4 words will spell in the same)
    ex: 1)sited 2)sighted 3)cited ....
    1 on anology C het anaS
    a paragraph was given 5 blanks to b filled..options are also given
    (first read the complete paragraph..then choose the appropriate word for the blank)

    ****** it is advantageous to go through the previous company papers before attending the xm.....solving previous company papers will increase ur confidence level....

    important chapters for quativative section are
    1) Time and work
    2) Time and distance
    3) Percentages
    4) Problems on Ages
    5) Simple and Compound Interest
    6) Pipes and Cisterns
    7) Ratio and Proportation
    8) Probability
    9) Permutations and Combinations
    10) Odd man out and Series
    11) Calender

    The prescribed book for this section is "Objective Arithmetic" by R.S.Aggarwal

    Techinal Questions
    These r the technical ques which i was asked..

    1) What is binary tree? Does it have any condition?
    2) Name the subjects which u studied in last semester ..
    3) What is a Constructor and what is a Destructor in C++
    4) Difference between function and procedure
    5) Write any program in HTML
    6) How do u allocate memory in java?
    7) What is the help command in Linux?
    8) Name some commands you use in Linux?
    9) Name some of the operating systems which r not of Microsoft’s.
    10) Tell what u know about data structures.
    Limitations of queue?order of stacks, queues......

    HR Questions
    1) tell me about urself
    2) why have u opted for cse????(this que is asked for 3 times)
    3) how much % did u get in 3-2(3rd yr 2nd sem)
    4) why has ur % gone down in last semister??

    Actually HR is not listening to my answers..he is concentrating on my body language, my fluency in English and observing my confidence level...

    for more Technical and H.R. Questions u can refer to the other articles kept by me....

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