Which VLSI training institute to join?

Discussion in 'Electronics Forum' started by Guest, May 21, 2010.

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    I have completed my BE in electronics and comm..i dont have a job yet and getting desperate every day..i am interested to work in vlsi field and so i want to join a good VLSI training institute now..on google i found maven, iivdt, rv-vlsi and other institutes in bangalore..but how to decide which is good? anyone who has taken these courses kindly guide me.
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    Not to worry puntram. U have take a good decision to pursue a career in VLSI. Semiconductor industry is rapidly growing in India this year and has been predicted to expand further in the coming years. As for your decision to choose the right VLSI training center i would suggest you to look into the following facts.
    1. Is it a recognized organization in the field of education in ur city
    2. Does the program cover both front end and back end
    3. Does the program cover complete aspects from specification to tape out
    4. Do they use all the latest version of tools used in the industry
    5. Is the faculty experienced in the industry
    6. Infrastructure (see if they have any pictures uploaded)
    7. Their placements and networking with the industry

    Use these as your parameters to find the right VLSI training institute. I'm sure you will be able to figure it out yourself.
    Best of luck!
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    thanks gautamv for your advice..i saw the websites of these institutes and kept in mind what to look for after reading your reply..i didnt find iivdt so good, they dont have a good course structure and very limited information..maven silicon website is giving good information, their courses are good, but their class and labs look very small and i've not heard their name..someone told me they have changed their name from accel. rv-vlsi it seems belongs to the rv group of institutions that also runs the famous RV engineering college, best college in karnataka..they cover complete aspects of vlsi in their course and their class and labs look like a company..but i will go there once to find out..i also found sandeepani when i was searching online, it seems they are very old in vlsi training..any idea how good it is?
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    Hello. I am glad I am not the only person putting so much effort looking for a good VLSI institute in Bangalore. Lucky for me my brother works in Intel and was able to guide me in selecting the right place. After shortlisting many institutes I finally registered in RV-VLSI design center, I have to take up the enrollment test this week. They are very professional in what they do and the infrastructure they have is nothing short of an industry setup.
    @Puntram, I visited other places including sandeepani as many told me it is quite old and well known. But I felt the infrastructure and coursework at RV-VLSI is far superior to any other place. Best of luck deciding.
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    RV-VLSI Entrance test

    Thanks Indu, your suggestions were quite helpful. I've decided to take up the VLSI program at RV-VLSI for the next batch..They have asked me to take up the entrance test next week..It seems they ask question to test on our fundamentals in Electronics, after which there is also an interview..I heard its quite a challenge to score good on their test..Can anyone who have taken up their entrance test help me on what I should study before taking up their test and interview.. I badly want to pass their test for the next batch.

    Thanks in advance

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