what is meant by test environment,...

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    what is meant by test environment,...
    what is meant by DB installing and configauring and delploying skills?

    Test Environment :Environment that is to be created for the testing team to execute the tests manually as well as by automation.This test environment is the integration of software,hardware,networks,servers,database etc according to the client requirements.In the same way software developers also integrate an environment according to client requirements.Any defects that occur in test environment ,should also occur in the developers environment when developer try to reproduce those defects.If it doesnot occur,than the developer changes the status of that defect to not-reproducible.

    Database installing is installing the database that is necessary for the test environment according to client requirements.Database like sql,oracle etc are installed on the machine and configured according to client requirements.

    Deploying refers to version release and also safely installing the product on the client machines.Either automated installer tools like install sheild or installed manually.

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