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    University of London - EXTERNAL PROGRAMME
    MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in International Management
    By Distance Learning

    Students may learn about this MBA programme through many different sources. We are authorised representatives for the MBA in the region and as such, provide marketing and non-academic support. All applications should be sent directly to the University Postgraduate Admissions Office for assessment. After enrolment, students will deal directly with the University at all times during their study. We are however happy to answer any queries and follow up on applications if you provide us with your full name and application reference number.

    Message from the Course Director.

    The University of London is a Federal University, granted Royal Charter in 1836 and now consisting of a number of Institutions including the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, and Royal Holloway.

    The academic direction of this degree is undertaken by Royal Holloway.

    This MBA and Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip.) have been designed to equip students with the ability and skills to think globally and to meet the needs of modern business. Students will have the opportunity to specialise in subjects of both international and professional relevance.

    The MBA for External students is being benchmarked against the very highest world-wide standards. Core courses in international marketing, accounting and finance, human resource management, business strategy and business economics will be accompanied by professional and field electives, and a final research course and project.

    If, for whatever reason, you do not want to commit yourself to the full MBA, or have not yet worked for three years in a relevant field, you might like to consider applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in International Management. The Diploma consists of the six core courses of the MBA, and it can be completed in a minimum period of one year or a maximum of five years.

    Students who complete the Postgraduate Diploma and achieve marks of 50% or above for each course, may be invited by the Board of Examiners to progress to the elective courses and research course and, if successful in those, will be awarded the MBA in International Management. MBA graduates will not be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in addition to the MBA.

    Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma units but do not continue beyond this stage will be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in International Management.

    Key points
    a MBA programme developed by highly qualified teaching staff within the School of Management at Royal Holloway, an AMBA accredited School
    a qualification that will help to assist a career change, achieve a salary increase, improve promotion prospects or simply broaden horizons and increase marketability
    as a registered MBA student you will be eligible to become a member of the World Wide Learning Community, providing a variety of additional resources to enrich your learning experience (e.g. online seminars, student discussion forum and access to course materials)
    you will have access to a range of information resources via the University of London Online Library (external link open new window)
    you can take up to three courses as Short courses (with the exception of 'Business research methods' and the 'Research project') - an ideal option if you are keen to update your professional knowledge or would like to sample the programme
    for the MBA you are required to attend a one-week, face-to-face plenary session once you have passed all six core courses (this will take place once a year in London)
    you have between 2-5 years to complete the MBA and between 1-5 years to complete the Postgraduate Diploma
    you can pay fees in advance (£9,556 for the MBA or £5,670 for the Postgraduate Diploma) or pay as you go
    Summary of key dates
    Application deadline 31 July 31 January
    Registration deadline 15 October 15 March
    Examinations take place May October
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    i m interested in this programme
    pls reply

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