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    TOEFL assesses your command over the English language through different sections such as reading, listening, and essay writing.

    Every Institute or college fixes up a cutoff TOEFL score for the admission. Better know about cutoff score details before you apply to the respective college or Institute. These days TOEFL is conducted as Computer Based Testing in almost all the countries except few. Hence make yourself conversant with computer. It's not necessary that you need to be a computer expert technically, but your working knowledge of Computers will help you give your exam comfortably. Generally, people who comfortably speak understand and write the English language should have no difficulty in scoring good points.

    Start your TOEFL preparations at least two months before the exams. As reading skills can give you good score points, start reading some good famous novels, renowned English magazines and news papers to get the feel of the language. Watch English news from any of the good English channels. Watching good English movies regularly will enhance your listening skills to help you score well in listening part of TOEFL test. Practice writing essays on as many topics as possible under examination environment. Every essay has to be completed in 30 minutes. You will get a topic allotted and then you have to express your view, giving opinion, arguments or something like this. The topics will be simple and no special knowledge is needed. In the essays, you may be required to deal with everyday problems or questions.

    There are good TOEFL books, guides and CD-ROMs available in the market to help you for the test preparation. But before following these preparatory materials better consult reliable mock TOEFL test centers and counselors to advise you in the right direction.

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