Tips on Travel & Housing Arrangements for Students

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    Students must understand the fact that all foreign universities do not always provide housing arrangements for them along with the admission in the course. So, they need to make their own housing arrangements in most of the cases. If you are uncertain about the housing options available in the destination country, ask the coordinator of your program to guide you on this area. Do ask whether meals are included in the cost of your program. Analyze all the available information before finalizing upon your housing choice

    Housing options in most of the countries can usually be categorized into the following:

    Dormitories or apartments owned or leased by the host university,

    Private apartments operated independently by the university,

    Home-stay program, which is usually coordinated by the host institution,

    Independent living facility somewhere in town, generally not recommended to the students, in order to avoid risks, and

    Those studying a language and culture overseas often prefer home-stay. Most students on non-language based programs usually choose to live with other local or international students.

    As far as your travel arrangements are concerned, try to arrive during the hours specified in your arrival information to avoid being all alone in a strange and new place. If you know that you will reach the country before your housing will be available, it is important to make prior arrangements for temporary accommodation. Discussing all these travel related issues, while you are making and finalizing travel arrangements, with a travel agent is quite a good idea. You may also discuss all the possible ways to travel in an economical and trouble-free way

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