Tips for Parents Before Departure of Student

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    A study trip to another country is like an adventurous experience to your son or daughter. Thus, you need to take high level of safety measures as a parent. Parent's role is too important in the process of sending the student abroad. Support from parents can boost up the moral values of students and helps them to make a well-prepared trip. Here are some tips you can go through before your ward leaves home as a study abroad student:

    Be the first guide by inculcating the values and objectives in your student. Advise them, as an elder citizen of your beloved country, to spend their years in the foreign country as a responsible and accountable citizen of your country.

    Help them to understand how the program, he or she will opt, is designed and how it can help them to facilitate and promote their life skills.

    Be the first counselor to your student and tell them how well individual programs, services and new environments fit your student's academic needs, personal goals, language preparation, expectations, benefits and interests.

    Help them to weigh the pros and cons of study abroad in a particular program or destination city or country relative to other programs, destination city or country.

    Try to make your ward understand that as a study abroad aspirant they will have to fulfill many expectations like interaction with human community, academic performance, social standing and good behavior.

    Advice them to understand that even as the 'students from other country', they are bound to the law and rules of the new country.

    Help them to know how to avail the financial assistance and scholarships and direct them to follow the procedures of the respective school or university or institute.

    Ask and help your student to pursue the pre-departure preparation according to the requirements.

    Be aware of the living arrangement of your student as different schools follow different guidelines in offering stay facilities. Make sure about your student's stay details like whether they are going to take a home stay or a residence or independent living or any other living options.

    Advice your student how to follow the security measures, emergency procedures and recommended precautionary measures for health.

    Make sure that you have his or her contact information and they have your complete contact information. If possible, give him or her the contacts of some of the reliable friends and relatives.

    Be informed about the happenings of the country where your student is going and have a valid passport of yours for exigency purposes and make sure you have a copy of your student's passport also.

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