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    Note: Here I only show the complete connection of accordion button C.
    Each gate (ins 5, 6, 12, 13) has a 22K pulldown resistor to ground.
    The are 2 groups ( group Minor IC1 to IC3) and group 7th IC4 to IC6)

    Pressing accordion button C sends +5V to SW pin 4 of IC1 and when I press Minor foot switch +5V are send to all gates of IC1 to IC3
    Result: I get a chorus of all switches on from IC1 to IC3, but I only wanted to have C and a# activated via the accordion button C and Minor foot switch.
    What am I doing wrong?

    The good thing on this circuit is that only +5V are switched.
    There must be a way of doing it with diodes and resistors, instead 4066B? Using the resistors to earth out the signal from either group, because the same accordion C button serves both (Minor & 7th) groups, but shall only serve one group at a time! How to do it?

    The problem with 4066B >>> Since I need to control each group via a foot switch; i.e. one foot switch for the Minor group (IC1 to IC3) and one foot switch for the 7th group (IC4 to IC6).
    That's why I thought to connect e.g. the 12 gates of the Minor group together to a foot switch to activate the desired gate. Yet, that also allows the other 11 gates to float (away from ground), causing them to wrongly activate their gates...

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