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  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am Aarun Sailyendran doing my Final Year B.Tech Information Technology in Sona College of Tech.I got placed in L&T Infotech Limited.I went to offcampus to Kongu & Kumaraguru College and attended the Written Test & Technical & HR Interview.

    I would like to thank all the people whoever helped me.

    My success is due to


    Hard Work


    I have attended 10 companies & selected in 7 written Tests (7/10)& Cleared GDs (2/2)& Attended 7interviews (7/10)and Selected in 7th Interview of 10the Company.

    My tips .....Even if you get failed in your attempt dont lose your heart & take it in a positive way.Work hard definitely any one taste what the success is .Spirit and Patience is must & Placement is all about luck.As far placement is concerned 60% is Luck + 40% is Hard Work.

    My attempts were as follows ....................

    1. TCS - Cleared Written & Phsycometric Test

    But failed in Technical Interview.

    2. RAMCO Systems - Cleared Apty & Tech Written Test

    But failed in (Tech/HR)Interview.

    3. MBT - Cleared Written Test

    But failed in Technical Interview.

    4. HEXAWARE Tech - Cleared Written Test & GD

    But failed in Technical Interview.

    5. INFOSYS - Failed in Written Test.

    6. CHECKTRONIX - Cleared in Written & Physcometric Test

    But failed in Interview.

    7. INTEGRA MICRO Systems - Failed in Written Test.

    8. TRIOS Tech - Failed in Written Test.

    9. XANSA Ltd - Cleared Written Test & GD

    But failed in Interview.

    10.L&T Infotech Ltd - Cleared Written Test & Technical Interview & HR Interview.

    Finally the war ends in L&T Infotech Limited.

    Try again & again stop not till the goal is reached all the best for u all
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    am mahesh!

    i got selected for tcs by off-campus on 16th at MEPCO.
    i wanna vent few things for u ppl.
    my test was online,
    1)Verbal(it is generated from large database,depends on luck)32mark
    a)synonyms-very tough*-10
    b)antonyms- " " *-10
    c)reading comprehension-time consuming*-5
    d)Sentence filling-some what easy*-5 out of 8
    2)Quantitative(same old question,nothing is new)-32
    3)Critical reasoning(i think in the database only 25 is available)-12
    4)Pshyclometry **

    *-don't worry,tcs cut off is only 60-65%,we can compensate in others
    **-interviewer ask i don't know whether u hava that test,so it is not
    much important,it is a chance given for tcs to eliminate some person,
    who give some "can't say" answer.

    5)Technical interview *
    my technical interview lasted for 45 panel hava 3
    members. they ask many things,some of them..
    pgm for strrev,matrix mutiplication,polymarphism,inheritance....
    mainly abt project,mini project,inplant training,paper presented,...
    for me he ask my mark certificates and star ask question on each
    subject i studied in each sem.

    (*-my advice is your resume and ur application form should be true,
    they check only ur honesty,behaviour and knowlege.if u say some answer
    wrong, don't worry, but u should be honest,for all department, they
    ask basic knowledge in c and some other computer basics)

    my hr is about 30 min. very very friendly persons.i got jolly. i
    answer the question with smiley face. here also technical.
    for my some friends it was stress interview like,
    Q)why TCS
    A) give me a good career...
    Q)o.k i give u career,but i don't give renumeration,o.k
    Q) say yes/no, i don't want any thing else
    a)no sir..

    Q)we have job in unknown language,what u do
    A)sir i do any job
    Q)our TCS have clerical job r u ready
    A)(in stress)
    Q) then why u came to study engg??

    Q)Why i should hire u
    A)Sir tcs is no1.........
    Q)ok ok it's ur view why should i hire u
    A)sir i have knowlege.....
    Q)don't say explanatary,so u understand me or not??

    Question from stud:What is my role in TCS??
    HR:Don't u see our pre-talk,
    Stud:i see sir
    HR:eek:k Then what u want from me to say,i think u don't see that..

    (*-These all questions are just want to check ur stress, they don't
    consider ur answer,but ur reaction,bu t many of my friends dis
    qualified in hr because of bad reaction for these question.only ur
    confidence(not over & under),ur eye contact,ur body language,ur
    tolerance & temperance,how u feel in stress and pshyclometry(only here
    not only in written)like...during the interview some persons will
    suddenly come and go out of ur interview hall,during ur answer,this is
    check how u will disturbed during ur work,many of my friends pause
    answer and deviate to that person,over!.. disqualified!)

    No of persons appeared : >500
    for technical : 80...
    for hr : 40..
    for tcs : 25

    THE REST, this is the secret of success,
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    hi i am jayakrishna did B.E(E.E.E) in chennai.

    Before telling you my success story let me eloborate my failure story.
    i attended following companies and coudn't even clear aptitude test.

    L cube
    aspire systems
    ingersoilrand, bangalore
    wipro spectramind
    STC technologies
    and many more......................

    after losing so many companies i finally got in to INFOSYS that i
    wrote for second time
    so be confident and never lose your heart. i am a perfect example for
    this.After losing nearly 15 to 20 companies i got in to infosys.

    I prepared shankuntala devi's PUZZLE TO PUZZLE YOU and MORE PUZLES and
    also many previous test papers.

    I prepared nearly 3 to 4 hours a day for about 10
    days and finally my hardwork paid.

    Hope this letter could motivate you all.

    with regards,
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    Hello Everybody,

    Anyways ppl onto the job,and how it
    happened.Actually speaking i would have done the same
    thing that all of us do - send 100's of copies of our
    resumes to all the company websites.But i should say
    the time we spend in that is vital...if not
    critical.Thats how, that irritating 10 mins. spent in
    filling up the application at Accenture's site turned
    a simple first-class engg. grad (2005) into a Junior
    Software Engineer !!
    But no shortcuts to success people - my two secret
    atleast for a good 4-5 days thats it ! Earlier i used
    to wonder what people mean by these 2 words - i
    thought these are 2 words to make a person's success
    look glossier - but frankly people, me as an achiever
    i can say that these 2 words mean a lott more than
    those 15-20 letters they comprise of !!
    Hey, so people HARD-WORK is one thing, that is
    tough initially but i tell you once you take up the
    challenge- even that work becomes a part of our life
    and not Hard Work.
    --So work well on your Aptitudes (R.S.Agrawal -
    can't thank that guy any less) and also read your
    newspapers well for your English. Do your reasoning
    from CAT material (if possible).Make your project
    report your Bible - and get a hold on your basics of
    C,C++. All these might sound a lott - but its a whole
    lott easier when we just fragment each one of these
    into bits and pieces.
    Work hard and Self-Confidence (which was dormant in
    all of us) for the past 20 odd years will emerges all
    of a sudden.
    All the best people, never lose hope coz you
    never know where you might be the next week as i found
    out- from a happy-go-lucky chap into a responsible
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    hi iam rahul

    = Please dont get vexed easily .
    = Wait patiently.
    = Try your best , but the result is not in your
    = Keep in mind that u will be surely be placed in
    a company.
    =Be confident and face the life boldly

    If u do all this SUCCESS IS REALLY IN UR HANDS
    all the best!!!!
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    i appreciate ur hard next week i had my interview in Integra micro systems.and i was in search of those papers.can u help me pls
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    hey hi, i have integra micro coming up in my college, can u please recollect and help me with its apti and tests details.wht was the pay package they were offering, and wht about bond ??
    pls reply, i would be grateful to u

    NARESH Guest

    needed integra micro system placement papers

    hello, every one can any one can send the INTEGRA MICRO SYS. THIS WEEK WE HAVE IN OUR CAMPUS
    its very urgent.
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    integra micro

    hello, every one can any one can send the INTEGRA MICRO SYS.
    pattern for test and interview Qu
  11. raju

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    integra micro

    hello, every one can any one can send the INTEGRA MICRO SYS.
    pattern for test and interview Qu
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    Re: needed integra micro system placement papers

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    protechsoft placement pattern

    hi Jayakrishna.. my name is arunprasad. I'm a final yr student of cse.
    can u tell me the interview procedure of protechsoft in details..
    what type of questions they had asked during interview ?
    waiting for your reply..
    they are visiting our campus on march 6th.
    my email id is
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    I would like know the sort of questions they asked as well.


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