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    Q1) I am having an interview in a construction company for a large sewage project . Since I have not done any such project , there are some queries from my end. Pls. help me to solve them. I will be thankful to you :- a) Normally for large project 400-600 houses & around 1600 peoples , how much dia pipe is used and which type of pipe is used? b) For trenching , I have heard that IS 1200 implies, what are the rules of calculating earthwork in case of depth of 2m or above ? c) To prevent soil to fall when depth of trench is more , what steps are taken and how there qty. is calculated . Like I have heard about timbering . what is this ? d) What are the rules for disposing off the excavated soil ? e) How the pipes that are used are being jointed? f) In case of cleaning on choks , is there any intermediate things provided? g) For foul gases any outlets are provided thru out length of pipeline? h) What is the flow digram like from houses thru small pipe to main pipeline than where main pipeline disposes wastage ? i) Any other thing that has to be kept in mind while calculating earth work for excavation like steps are made and other things? How earthwork is calculated in case of steps ? Pls. explain with a sketch. Regards,

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