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    SAP Industry Specific Solution Consultants
    SAPSMITHS Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Experience:1 - 5 Years Location:Bengaluru/Bangalore, Chennai,
    Any where in India ,
    United Kingdom (U.K)Education:UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization PG - Any PG Course - Any Specialization,Post Graduation Not RequiredIndustry Type:IT-Software/ Software ServicesFunctional Area:ERP, CRM

    Job Description
    Finance,Controlling,Asset Managment, Treasury Management,Investment management, Cost & Quotation Management, Transport Management , Finnacial Supply chain Management .
    Desired Candidate Profile
    Relevant Industry Experience is mandatory for senior as well as junior positions.
    Candidates with industry experinece alone shall be considered for junior vacancies in that case .
    Prior knowledge on SAP or certification would be added advantage .
    Company Profile
    SAPSMITHS is a UK based limited company serving clients globally. We recently Launched ou Indian operations SAPSMITHIS SolutionPvt Ltd at Bangalore .We provide SAP solution to major MediaIndustries .Granite Industries and few Government Organisations
    Contact Details
    Company Name:SAPSMITHS Solutions Pvt Ltd
    Executive Name:Miss. Maria Rose / Miss. Hema
    Address:SAPSMITHS Solution Pvt Ltd
    2/1 Al Latheef Building
    Union Street , Off Infantry Road
    Bangalore,karnataka,INDIA 560001
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    I was offered as a trainee and told to pay Rs.50000 and work for 6 months free for them.

    Is there anybody who were given appointments from them ?

    This appears to be cheating.
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    The opportunity provided is a fair one. I am an employee of SAPSMITHS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. And opportunity provided to me is genuine. They are offering me a SAP CERTIFICATION WITHOUT ANY COST. Candidates with real technical knowledge and interested making a serious career in SAP are considered. So I can surely vouch for the authenticity of the company and opportunities provided by them.
    Providing half the information is not fair.
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    SAPSMITHS is a 100% bogus company. the ceo Vishnu was with Saptree and then jumped to start this company. the financer here is abdul who is the biggest fake. he has no clue of SAP...all that u see in that building is fake.

    their aim is to get a cheque for 50,000 from you ....once u pay them then u r in their trap....

    reeja, u r a fresher and probably not seen the world....wake up kid.

    as vishnu told me in my first round... he is the very very selfish and most important -- NOT at all trust worthy.

    freshers or experience -- DONOT choose to join SAPSMITHS.. :idea:
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    Ya ,

    I do agree with Mohit , they call for an interview & ask for Rs. 50,000/-

    Reeja seems to be dummy id created by sapsmiths , so there is no point of joining the bogus company like sapsmiths .

    If this is real implementation company , why they r asking 4 money from consultants .

    So , my advice is not to join SAPSmiths .

    RAJ 8) 8) 8)
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    Yes Raj and Mohit.

    Reeja appears to be a fake id created by these people themselves.

    I worked in India, UK and USA. But nowhere anybody asked for money from the candidates.

    I asked the so called promoter Vishnu about their website not fully functional. He bluffed that it is working in UK under It is copy and paste and masala mix of other pages. The page opens up in some unknown language which I could not translate even with
    Google translation. Somebody from Granite Industry!!!! prasing them. All cheating. Moreover the UK address given by them is a bogus one as that postcode does not exist in UK. I even checked in Royal Mail for this address but nowhere concerned with the address.

    All this proves that candidates have to be careful and not to fall prey and pay money.

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    i went for an interview the HR asked me 50,000 only. I think they are nothing but a training institute only. actually before this i had went for conselling to saptree there also same case. i met vishnu there itself he was asked me the same thing money of 50,000.

    now vishnu is come here, when i called saptree they told me vishnu is not the correct person, he has cheated saptree. so i feel he may cheat sapsmiths also and us also. so i only tell you people not to join such small centers where they ask for money and all. i dont know about the UK but as other said, if it was a UK company their website is not at all for the good standards. all these leads to one thing that sapsmiths is a fake company. :evil:

    i had asekd some senior people also, tehy all said it is a fake company only.
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    Watch the facts first before you come to conclusion

    See the facts before you post some rubbish my dear Manjunatha and Mohit Kumar......
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    They are paying their eployees and will be shortly announcing hteir client list in the national news paper and will keep the reply in the very same blog ...... My dear if u r not satisfied or not capable of getting a job in SAP or of not having any real knowledge or experience and just survive on putting fake ..... pls go ahead ....

    Dont be like monkeys who after u spoil urself , spoiling the whole garden ....

    Be sportive when you could not clear the interview instead of propogating this false acquisitions
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    Interview in Sapsmiths

    Hi Manjunath,

    Even i have attended the interview in SAPSMITHS yesterday, but my experience talks differently, they have offered me to hire on permanent roles on a project. the discussion what we had about the organisation inception is true, as its a startup organisation.

    i did not find it as a training institue, nor a fake people or organisation.

    what kind of discussion you had with them i am not aware, but my opinon definetely does not agree.

    I don't know who are your seniors, with whom you spoke but my experience is not fake.
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    Hi everyone

    Hi my dear friends i don't know for what you are fighting for?

    Put your efforts to get a good job and to get a good career.

    I have been to sapsimths cleared two technical rounds in SAP

    Now i have an Offer given by SAPSMITH to me ,Joining is in JUNE

    I thank God he has given me the oppurtunity after 5months, Bcoz i was

    job less from past 5 months. :D
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    one more thing my friends , When i gone thru the website of SAPSMITHs

    it was clearly visible SAP CHANNEL PARTNERSHIP with SAPLOGO,

    Is SAP gives it very easily for every One?? As per my discussion they told

    me still the site is in construction.

    I feel glad, going to join in a family of SAPSMITH with the

    Good CTC. I really thank SAPSMITH management who given me offer.

    :lol: :lol:
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    Re: hi

    Goutami and all others -
    i knew all your names and ids are fake. nevertheless, here are the facts.
    in the very first meeting, the so called promoter Vishnu told me that he has just arrived from UK and all crap about the company. here are the facts that vishnu or any one at sapsmiths cannot refute.
    the website was
    Created on.......: 2009-03-04
    Expired on.......: 2010-03-04
    Last updated on..: 2009-03-04
    the website is by NET4INDIA LIMITED. ---> guys note: these UK based people donot even have a Server for themselves. the Server is from:

    Name: Vishnu Chakravarthy --> the CEO of the companyy
    Address: No.6, 1st floor, 1st Cross, Malcom Road,,Ashok
    City: Bangalore
    Postal Code: 560085
    Phone: 65375009
    I & my friends went to this mentioned address also, it was a dingy mansion where the so called CEO of this UK run company was staying.
    ==> so the whole story of this site working in UK and all that is FAKE.
    ==> Ok coming to the SAP Logo. SAP has many many types of partnership. For their business One business, there are hundered dozen small software companies to whom SAP had given the partnership as well as closed the partnership after they fail to do any good project. Can you see sapsmiths name in the sap website as channel partners? NO
    If they are a good company - why do not they put a sign board outside the building? No where in al lateef building there is a sign board about the company?? Will a UK based company start that way??
    I spoke to one of the partner of saptree, where i understood that vishnu had given the idea of starting such a program where they can get money from experienced people and then put them in a so called real time project and then send them back stating they did not perform well after 6 months. If the student performs well or has got power, then put him into teaching - faculty post.
    understand sapsmiths are particular about experienced people - in other words they are picking only sap hungry people who are ready to give money. No better way to earn in this recession time.
    If they really have projects and want qualified people why ask money from experienced people. Logically each sap project costs more than a crore - they can ask the seriois minded people to ink a deal for an year after training - Why money ?

    all these clearly states that the are only to make money without ethics.
    i see the day is not so far when they will be behind bars.

    all guys at sapsmiths - stop creating fake ids and justify. it creates more negative image. :twisted: :shock:

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    I don't think it is even a training institute. They will be just showing the IDES screens I think for 50000 rupees.

    The fake ids are strugguling very hard but we can very well see the bogusness.

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