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  1. What is BODS

    It is an ETL device currently obtained by SAP used for incorporation with all kinds of different techniques, getting information from them, changing them into significant information and running them into all kinds of techniques.It is firmly incorporated with saptechniques and hence really a good device to move information from heritage techniques to SAP techniques with convenience and less growth initiatives with efficient debugging and tracking abilities.Additional changes can be conducted by using the DI scripting language to use any of the already-provided data-handling features to determine in line complicated converts or building customized features.Data Integrator Developer stores the designed tasks and tasks in a Database. However, Information Integrator Developer also helps team-based ETL development by along with a Central Database edition management program. Although this edition management program is not as effective as separate VCSs, it does provide the basic check-in/check-out, get latest, edition marking and reverse check out performance.

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