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    Technical questions
    What is Trepanning?

    which is important for drawing a gear a. base cricle b. pitch circle c. all the

    Hardenability means

    how is rake angle measured in the drilling tool?

    In which casting complex shapes can be made?

    Inert gas is used in which types of welding a. tig.

    carbon steel posses a. 0.1% to 1% of C. b. 0.5% to 0.1% of C, c. ..

    which is superfinishing operation a . planing b-(ans). end mill, c, shaper

    Difference between nut and screw. Ans(nut can be used in through hole)

    What is stud.

    which is finishing operation a. honing(ans) b. milling.

    which is not a finishing operation.

    lubricating greese consists of a. fatty oil, mineral oil, and additives, b. fatty ol,
    soap and additives, c. minea\ral oil, soap and additives, d. minera; oil and additives.

    In which of the following workpiece moves and tool remains stationary,
    a(ans) Planing.

    Which has multiple cutting point.

    Seamless pipe is made by *extrusion.

    outside thread is measured by a. plug gauge b. straingear, c. vernier.

    what is ISO 9000 standard for quality.

    which of the following is true for steel at elevated temperature? A. tensile
    stress > compressive stress, b. compressive stress > tensile stress.

    which pipe material is used for carrying corrosive liquid? *a. stainless steel,
    b.nickel pipe, c. chromium pipe

    For batch production of automotive components which lathe is preferred a. captive lathe, b. turret lathe, *c.CNC

    In centreless grinding the two wheel rotates in a. same direction, *b. opp

    UCM related to threads is given by a. DIN, b. British, c. American, d. none

    To get deep hole in less tensile strength material which drilling is preffered a. step drilling,

    Definition of Broach?

    in which part of the lathe the honning operation is done? A. chuck 2. lathe bed, *c. tail stock

    ACME thread angle *22.5

    Which diameter is kept in mind while roughing the top face of gear teeth a. pitch, b. base circle, c. addendum, d. deddendum.

    which is ferrous material? A. inconel, *b. carbonsteel

    lapping is used to

    identify the multipoint cutting tool

    Anealing affects what poperty of material

    Astempering affects what property of material.

    Sintered bearings are made up off

    tapered pair bearings are used because

    JIT means: *inventory control

    Manometer sensitivity of a given area depends on *a. cross section area at
    that point

    Instrument should have a. high drift, b. high fredility, c. high measuring, d. poor reproduciability.

    Dissimilar metals can be joint by a. brazing *b. welding c. soldering

    tapering of deadend of tailstock is measured by *a. taper gauge b. sine bar, c.vernier, d. ring gauge


    Paper 1: Aptitude Test Total Questions: 53 Time: 1 Hour

    1. i. 5 words sequentially arranged.

    ii. each word should atleast have 5 letters.

    iii. each word should not have more than two vowels(a,e,i,o,u)

    iv. in each word the strarting letter should be in alphabetical order.

    v. word should not start with i,p,x.

    based on these statements questions are asked.

    2-4 .there r 2 bugs A & b.

    A's speed 3in/min. B's speed 4 inch/min.

    bug A 1 inch slides for 2inch . bug B slides 1.5inch for 2inch and

    bug A wait 1 min for every 2 min, bug B wait 1min for every 3 min


    when do they meet?

    what is the largest distance between the two bugs in 10 min.?

    how many times do they meet in the first 10 min?



    A E C


    road has to trvel through a city only one time.


    b.possible no. of cities to start the travel?

    c.through a city E we can go for3rd city (ans)







    18-23. power and influence(6 ques)

    24-28.there r 5 tablets P,Q,R,S,T

    I. Q& R are equaly effective.

    ii. s is greater effctive than R.

    iii. P is greater effctive than Q.

    iv. T is least effctive

    based on these statements 5 questions were asked.

    29.x % of Y = Y % of X(ans)

    30.A servant was engaged on the condition that he would get Rs.1500 and one bicycle at the end of a year. But he worked for 8 months and was given as his wages rs.900 and one bicycle. The cost of the bicycle is

    a. Rs.200 . b.Rs300 c.Rs.400 .d. Rs.500

    31.A lead sphere was melted and recast into smaller balls whose radius is half that of the sphere. How many numbers of smaller balls are formed? a.36 b.58 c.24 d.8

    Four people A,B,C,D have together got Rs.100 with them.A and B have got as much money as C and D put together.A has got more money than B.C has half the money as D has.A has Rs.5 more than D.

    32.Who has got the most money? a.A b.B c.C d.D e.Cannot be determined

    33.How much does B have? a.Rs 11.60 b.Rs.13.50 c.Rs.32.50 d.Rs.10.30 e.Rs.23

    34.Who has got the second biggest sum? a.A b.B c.C d.D e.cannot be determined

    Paper 2: Technical 75 QUESTIONS 1 Hour

    1.Cavitation can be avoided in a turbine if:

    a.the specific speed is low

    b.No. of blades are kept low

    c.vane length is increased keeping the vane loading the same

    d.Temp. of the incoming fluid is kept as high as possible

    2.Free vortex region is not suitable for low hub-tip ratio compressor stage because:

    a.reaction near the hub will be low b.Reac. near the hub will be high

    c.Specific work near the hub will be low d.relative velocity will be very high

    3.If 2 centrifugal blowers are operated in series

    a.volume flow increases,pressure remains same

    b.volume flow decreases,pressure increases

    c.volume flow remains the same,pressure increases

    d.volume flow and pressure increases

    4.The specific work developed by a turbine depends on:

    a.peripheral speed of the impeller and the velocity of the fluid

    b.Density of the medium

    c.peripheral speed of the wheel

    d.peripheral speed of the wheel and the tangential component

    5.Volute casing in a centrifugal blower is employed to:

    a.collect the fluid b.recover the pressure and also to collect the fluid increase the velocity of the fluid d.increase the specific work of the fluid

    6.The design efficiency of the pump increases with

    a.increasing specific speed b.decreasing specific speed

    c.not effected specific speed d.decresing specific speed and increasing density

    7.Power required to drive a centrifugal compressor is proportional to:

    a.speed b.cube of the speed c.square of the speed

    d.does not change with speed

    8..The cavitation in a hydraulic machine is namely due to

    a.low velocity c.low pressure b.high velocity d.high pressure

    9.Francis turbine part load conditions are obtained by:

    a.adjusting guide vanes b.adjusting the impeller vanes

    c.adjusting the impeller speed d.adjusting impeller and guide vanes

    10.Chromotograph is an apparatus used for:

    a.finding the colour of an object b.control flow of gases

    c.quantitative and qualitative analysis of gaseous product

    d.finding the density of the particle in a pneumatic conveyor

    11.The rorometer uses the following principle for fluid flow measurement:

    a.Const. area and variable differential pressure

    b.variable area and variable differential pressure

    c.variable area and variable viscosity

    d.variable area and constant differntial pressure

    12.purpose of feed water treatment is:

    a.prevent corrosion of steel tube

    b.prevent scale formation on the tubes by the dissolved impurity

    c.reduce boiling point of water

    d.obtain dry steam

    13.if a water pump develops 10 m head on earth,what would be its head if it is operated on moon:

    a.10/6 m c.>10 m b. 10 m d.none of above

    14.The vaccum efficiency of the condenser is the:

    a. ratio of partial pressure of steam to absolute vaccum

    b. .ratio of partial pressure of steam to atm. Pressure

    c. .ratio of vaccum developed by the condensor to absolute vaccum

    d. .ratio of partial pressure of steam to the absolute pressure in the comdenser

    15.In the temperature entropy plot:

    a.Constant Temp. and pressure lines are parallel

    b.constant volume line is steeper than the const. Pressure line

    c.constant volume coincides with the constant pressure line

    d.constant pressure line is steeper then the constant volume line

    16.For detemining the fatigue life

    a.Max. principal stress is the factor b.Max. compressive stress is the factor c.Max. tensile stress is the factor d.Max. shear stress is the factor

    17.2 identical specimens one with rough surface finish and other with fine finish,having identical small notches are subjected to same reverse bending load: of smooth specimen is more of rough specimen is more c.both will have same life d.lives are not related

    18.Rotary compressors are used for delivering:

    a.small quantities of air at high pressure b.large quantities of air at high pressure c.small quantities of air at low pressure d.large quantities of air at low pressure an axial flow compressor the ratio of pressure in the rotor blades to the pressure rise in the compressor in one stage is known as: factor b.slip factor of reaction d.pressure coefficient

    20.The kinematic viscosity is the

    a.ratio of absolute viscosity to the density of the liquid

    b.ratio of density of the liquid to the absolutr viscosity

    c.product of the absolute viscosity and density of the liquid

    d.product of absolute viscosity and mass of the liquid

    21.A moderator,in nuclear power plants,is a medium introduced into the fuel mass in order to

    a.slow down the speed of fast moving neutrons b.control the reac.

    c.reduce the temperature d.extract heat from nuclear reaction

    22.In a nozzle, the effect of supersaturation is to:

    a.decrease dryness fraction of steam b.decrease specific volume of steam c.increase the entropy d.increase the heat drop

    23. Elastic ratio for a material is defined as_________

    24. Rayliegh flow is known as ___________

    25. the vent valve provided in a centrifugal pump is ____

    26. volute casing in a centrifugal pump is employed to ____

    27. pitot tube is used to measure ________

    28. for a elastic material yield point is defined as ________

    29.mohr’s theory of failure is applicable to _______

    a. elastic b.brittle c.ductile d.none

    30. rotary compressors are used for __________

    31. heat transfer in boundary layer is due to ________

    32.lubricating grease is a mixture of _________

    33. Kaplan turbine is used for _______- (head)

    34. _________ cycle is used for refrigeration cycle.

    35. __________ pump is used when the viscosity of the liquid is more.

    36. centrifugal head can be increased by increasing the _____

    37. ultimate strength in shear compared to tension is _____

    38. kinematic viscosity is ______

    39.enthalpy entropy diagram is ______

    40.nuclear fusion is _____

    41.rainbow is due to spectrum

    42. vacuum efficency of a condensor is ______

    43. Francis turbine is used for _________

    44. Which is not NDT _____- (tensile testing)

    45. PITOT TUBE is used for ______________________(Measuring Velocity)

    46. Rotary compressor is used for_____________

    47. Hydraulic Radius is_______________

    48. Hydraulic Diameter is______________

    49. What will happen after Nuclear Fusion?

    a. Two atoms join together to form on Nuclei

    50. In Grinding rotation of wheels(Opposite Direction)

    51. If __________ cycle is reversed it can be used for Refrigeration. (Carnot)

    52. In a room refrigerator operating at a full efficiency if kept open what will happen to room temperature?

    b. Room temp. increases

    53. In a two tank A & B having 2 liquids Water & Kerosene .The tank A has two 1cm dia outlets and tank B has one 2 cm dia outlet. Which will empty soon?

    54. Yield point in stress strain curve is _______________

    55. Parallel flow Vs Cross flow Heat Exchanger.

    56. Cavitation can be avoided in turbine by__________

    57. Double pipe heat exchangers are preferred when?

    58. Cavitation in pipe is caused by______

    59. After the emission of alpha particles Nutron to Proton Ratio is_______

    60. ____________is used for peak load plant

    c. Nuclear PP

    d. Solar PP

    e. Thermal PP

    f. Wind PP

    g. Hydel PP

    61. If earth has no atmosphere what will happen to Earth’s Temp?

    62. Wire of Resistance 10 ohm , Length is increased 3 times , Same Density, What is New resistance?( Depends on L/A ratio) Ans. 90 Ohms

    63. Transformer Primary – 4000 Turns, 2.5 kV, Secondary – 250 V , what is no of turns in Seconday coil? ( Ans. 400)

    64. Mean coil dia of the spring is 0.8 cm, No of turns 5, wire dia 0.01cm, Length of the coil is_________?(Ans. 12.6 cm)

    65. Valve used for supplying oil to the burner in the boiler

    h. Isolation Valve

    i. Needle Valve

    j. Non Return Valve

    k. Relief Valve

    l. Butterfly Valve

    66. Electromagnetic waves_________(Ans. All the above)

    67. JIT is for _________(Ans. Inventory Control)

    68. Water is flowing in a 5 cm dia pipe line at a velocity of 10 m/s , the pressure drop across orifice meter in a water line is 2 cm of Hg. If the mercury is replaced by a liquid and immiscible with water the pressure drop will be ________(Ans 17 cm)

    69. Steam separator in thermal power plant is used for

    70-73 Definitions

    m. b Boiler HP

    n. Equivalent Evaporation

    o. Triple point

    p. Boiler efficiency


    1.CAS(Conditional access system) is good to indian customers

    2.US attack on iraq is correct or not

    3.Do u think india is lacking in sports

    4.Dictatorship vs Democracy

    Interview: Mostly HR questions and from Projects and Field of Interest

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