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    hi, i have appeared for sail management trainee exam, i want to p0st the pattern and few questions.

    for the first 1hr you need to solve the technical paper , there are 100q's fro 60 min. as i am from electronics, here are few questions
    1. instrument is used to measure 10mv and 75Mhz
    2. questions on torque(3q's)
    3. min freq range of satellites.
    4. questions based on semicoductors( EDC) nearly 10 q's
    5. analog and digital communications( major part asked)
    4. control systems( 2 q's)
    5. mathematics 6 to 9 q's ( taylor series)
    6. networks( millmans theorem)
    7. question on what is added to stell to strengthen it.

    next 1 and 1/2 hour is for GA ( 35q), verbal( 35 q), quant( 35 q), logical reasonig( 45q)

    General awareeness
    1. oldest veda- rig veda
    2. panchatantra- visnusharma
    3. last of sikh gurus
    4. q's based on parliament
    5. what is sellsrs market
    6. qoute ' a man is a social animal' who said this - plato
    7. lion- cub then camel- calf(ans)
    8. river that does not form delta
    9. protection to body, rbc, wbc, antibodies- wbc

    most questions here are easy but it depends on the candidate

    1. antonyms and synonyms- words from GRE book
    2. paragraph reading
    3. erreon in sentence
    4. correct fit of sentence(4 options) for a given statement
    5. correct use of words( two word type)ex- vulnerable.... easy.

    1. mensuration
    2. pipes
    3. geometry
    4. upstream down stream
    5. train
    6. age problems
    7. probability

    need to have a lot of practice for this section

    logical reasoning , this part is very easy
    1. mirror questions
    2. relations
    3. sitting arrangments
    4. series
    5. letter series
    6. syllogisms

    hope this will be useful to other candidates.

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