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    The Rotman population is truly diverse. Our students come from all over the globe, representing countries such as Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Italy, the Ukraine, Israel, Ghana, India, the UK, Lebanon, China, South Korea – among others. In addition, those with traditional industry experience in finance, consulting, manufacturing and telecommunications are now being joined by those with professional experience in fields such as health, education, government, entertainment and hospitality. This very diversity of experience – both inside and outside of the classroom – is a strong attraction for many of our students.

    Location, location, location – what is the allure of Toronto?

    Our location is definitely attractive to prospective students. Rotman belongs to the globallyrenowned University of Toronto, and is situated in the heart of North America’s 3rd largest financial centre. One sixth of all Canadian jobs can be found within the greater Toronto area. Students are drawn to Toronto by its vitality, its multicultural atmosphere, and of course, the many prospects and opportunities afforded to them by living in such a cosmopolitan city.

    Do you find that applicants look to the rankings for guidance? How is Rotman doing in this respect?

    Most applicants carefully examine the rankings. BusinessWeek ranks Rotman in the top tier, and number five in the world outside of the U.S. In the Financial Times rankings, Rotman has been ranked 21st overall for the past two years and number one in Canada. But our goal is to be one of the top 10 business schools in the world.

    Top 10! What are you doing to rise to this challenge?

    Our vision is a bold one: we have set out to redesign business education for the 21st century with an innovative, evolving curriculum built around integrative thinking and business design.

    What are some of the features of Rotman’s innovative curriculum?

    The Rotman MBA program will always provide students with a solid grounding in the business fundamentals. But in addition to this, we want students to understand how the various disciplines interrelate. We want them to emerge as leaders who can shape their context for the better. Our curriculum continues to evolve in terms of both structure and content. Several new courses have been introduced, such as the Integrative Management Challenge, which is a competitive real-world business management simulation. I’d also like to point out that we offer a number of joint programs in which students can combine their MBA studies with a degree in law, engineering, nursing, or Russian and East European studies. In addition, we have partnerships with business schools in Austria, France, Germany, Singapore, and Mexico as part of our increasingly popular international student exchange program.

    Any words of advice for those considering Rotman?

    Get to know us. Start by checking out our website to learn more about what’s happening at Rotman. Sign up for one of our many events, schedule a class visit and a campus tour, connect with current students and alumni. Get a feel for the Rotman experience and culture and decide whether it feels right for you. In terms of what we look for in a candidate, of course we love to see evidence of academic excellence and solid, progressive work experience. The “fit factor” is really important to us – we want to ensure that you can actively and effectively contribute both inside and outside of the classroom. I’d advise candidates to use all of the channels – references, essays, interviews – to demonstrate not only your leadership and initiative, but also your passion and personality.

    In summary, what would you say is Rotman’s competitive advantage?

    Rotman’s competitive advantage involves a unique combination of our growing worldwide reputation; our location in one of the world’s financial centers; and our bold, innovative approach to business education. Add in access to our extensive alumni and business network, and you can’t beat our recipe for success.

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