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    Dear Friends,

    To help us serve you engineers better please

    1.Post in the right forum! Make sure that you post the topic under the right category. ( Eg. Do not post question paper requests under Software jobs category).

    2.Use descriptive Topic Subject. For a new topic, try to make the subject clear enough. For eg. Instead of "Help required" make it as "Question Patterns required for Infosys Walk-in" . This would help save time of all other engineers who could view the post they are interested in.

    3. No Spamming. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content. Do not post any promotional material on site like home based jobs, or promotion of any coaching institute.

    5.While posting any queries make sure the same topic does not exist in the recent days, else add your comments to the already existing topic.

    And remember is for the engineers, by the engineers and for the engineers.

    123ENG Team

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