Puzzles and Aptitude – Queries and Solutions

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    Puzzles and Aptitude – Queries and Solutions

    Dear friends,
    please solve this

    1)A cow is standing 5 feet from the middle of the bridge. A train is coming towards the cow at speed of 90 miles per hour from the near end and the train is twice as long as the bridge. If the cow had tried to move forward in the same direction as of the train then the cow would have got hit be three feet. But it moved in opposite direction to the train and saved by one feet. Then What is the length of the bridge?

    2)Two ships start from the opposite banks of river
    perpendicular to banks.
    Both are going at constant speed. One is faster than
    the other. They meet
    at 720 m from nearest bank. Then they go ahead upto
    the other end of banks
    and wait there for 10 minutes. Then they again come
    back and meet 400m far
    from the other bank. find out what is the width of
    3)Two men are goingalong a trackf rail in the opposite
    direction.One goods train crossed the first person in 20 sec.
    After 10 min the train crossed the other person who is commingin
    opposite directionin 18 sec .After the train haspassed, when the two will meet?

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