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    Every weapon before getting in to commission need to be tested various
    times so that the weapons which are the best are taken in to commission, so similarly the missiles which are the most sophisticated weapons need to be tested very effectively. A test bench or a launch platform is used for these tests and different type of data is acquired from various system on the test bench .so these data acquisition system need power supply while testing but while testing the test bench become unmanned because of the extreme condition over there. So we need to switch on the power supply of these systems at test bench from a remote place with safe distance, by using a computer system and a master circuitry which are placed at Data acquisition room (remote place) and test bench respectively. These two equipment i.e. computer system and master circuitry are connected through cable following RS 422 standards and when a command is given by the computer system at data acquisition room to switch on the power supply of the system present at the test bench the signal is transmitted through a cable to master circuitry and microcontroller in that circuitry implements the command by switching ON the power supply to the data acquisition system present at the test bench. so here our project deals with the programming of the computer as well as preparing the master circuitry and enabling the serial communication between these two things through cable using RS 422 standards, so that the task of testing can be performed safely. And here the relays are used for switching purpose. The system here will be working in full duplex mode i.e.
    we can send and receive data simultaneously.

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