Pre-Departure General Checklist for Students Going Abroad

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    The first thing that any study abroad student needs to do before leaving his or her homeland is to prepare a Pre-departure checklist. It will help you to remember everything and not forget anything that you might require in going to, during your prolonged stay or coming back from the foreign country. Your checklist should include:

    Documents that you may require on your journey - You will need required documents to prove that you have adequate money to pay your fees and support yourself while studying such as recent bank statements, proof of scholarships or any other financial support that you are eligible to get for your studies abroad program and letter of financial support from family members. Other papers that are compulsory are:

    Address and telephone numbers of your final destination,
    Insurance documents,
    A valid passport that will not expire during your stay in the country abroad, and
    Letter of acceptance from your institute of study.

    Other preparations - You will have to arrange for the required money to go and settle down well in the respective country and submit all the forms that are required by your college or school or university. Accommodation forms are especially considered very important to submit. Other things you need to do are:

    Obtain a letter of explanation from your doctor and an ample supply of the medication if you are currently using medication of any kind.

    Get the medical insurance.

    Make sure you know exactly when and where you are supposed to arrive at your place of study.

    Do not forget to have your student's identification card.

    Have at least three passport-size photographs with you.

    Label your entire luggage with your name and address.

    Make a list of what you have packed in each item of your main luggage, in case you need to make an insurance claim.

    Ensure that you are not carrying any of the 'prohibited and restricted goods' with your luggage such as steroids, firearms, weapons and any kind of illicit drugs.

    Finally make a list of various queries you need to make regarding Housing, Communication and other important factors that you need to know about to make your study trip a perfect and problem-free one.

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